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Omg Pam I remember you messaging words of comfort over 3 yrs ago would just like to thankyou very much for your kindness when I was at my lowest and you was so right about the pain eases after losing my soul mate my dad but thanks again very much appreciated wish you all the love and luck in the world xx. Kelly xxx
Posted by Kelly on 06 February 2018
Hi Pam,

Many thanks for this reading. It was spot on in so many ways - your gift always astounds me.

Thank you so much once again xx

Posted by Kelli on 05 February 2018
Thank you a lot for this, I really appreciate it.
I feel like now I can finally put things to bed in my head and focus on my little one and bringing her into the world. You’ve answered everything, and helped me finally move on to the next part of my life.
Thank you again!
Cherry x
Posted by Cherry on 05 February 2018
I so appreciate your informed insights- they are so on target.
Hi Pam and Happy New Year! Thank you- your gift of insight is a true blessing.
Posted by Rose on 13 January 2018
Thanks again for a great reading.
Posted by Gerry on 13 January 2018
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Posted on 12 January 2018
Thank you Pam! You have settled me.
Posted on 06 January 2018
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Posted on 05 January 2018
Thank you for the reading. Pam!
Posted on 20 December 2017
Wow..Thankyou Pam
Posted on 15 December 2017
Thank you x
Posted on 13 December 2017
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Posted on 08 September 2017
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Posted on 04 September 2017
Thank you
Posted on 22 August 2017
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