Counselling, Therapy, Hypnosis  & Hypnoanalyse via Skype

You may have landed on this site yet have no interest in the Psychic or the Spiritual? or just wish to go deeper into a problem. 

As an experienced Counsellor & Therapist I can help with most life issues via Skype.

Yet if you wish a Spiritual element can willingly be added. 

The counselling I offer is Short Term Therapy, which is Solution Focused for the most part, yet of course I can also simply be a listening, reflective ear. Sessions may not adhere to one "single" approach, but  utilise many of the Therapeutic tools at my disposal with your agreement.

What in Your life do you wish to change about yourself?

Do your old beliefs not gel with the way that you wish to be?

Do you hear others views holding you back?

Which personal, emotional or even professional relationship do you wish to deal with better?

What part of your own self (spiritual, physical, intellectual or emotional) trips you up?

Do you have anything which makes you feel powerless, angry, insecure, inadequate, frustrated, sad, jealous, trapped?

Counselling: There are times in most of our lives when we experience distressing events & feelings which seem to have no end or solution in sight, times when we just cannot find inner peace or solutions on our own. This can arise due to particular circumstances such as bereavement, difficult relationships, money & work issues, unwanted change, stress or illness leaving us feeling low, having no control, doubt our confidence & self esteem, so we seek change, yet are often at a loss as to where to go for help.

It may not be possible to talk to friends or family, as they be part of the problem, & you may feel that no-one is listening to you or understands your concerns. "Talking treatments” such as counselling & psychotherapy's such as Hypnosis/Hypnoanalyse with a trained professional provides the opportunity to make sense of their individual circumstances, leaving them better equipped to cope for the future.

Please note that while an experienced counsellor I am not a qualified one. 

Hypno-therapy/analyse: Depending on the issue presented, emotions can be felt & understood straight away, while on some occasions sessions may feel rather obscure. Either way relief is found via the work done within the session by You talking direct to your own subconscious mind.

"…it is possible for thought-processes to become conscious through a reversion to visual residues [and] in many people, this seems to be a favorite method…Thinking in pictures…approximates more closely to unconscious processes than does thinking in words ...

" Freud, The Ego and the Id

To sum up in a single title, we can also call the therapy 'Parts Work / Therapy', as imagery is often used. This allows you to talk back to those aspects of yourself in a manner which it understands, giving you control & the direct power of change. I also favour a method called Guided Affective Imagery, which is also called Katathym Imaginative Psychotherapy. 

Your subconscious mind talks in symbols, words, phrases, colours, sounds & sensations & you enter a type of daydream state in which your issues can be faced & worked through to enable a removal &/or understanding of your personal concern. It changes your attitude towards your life situations.

Analytical hypnosis & Counselling guide you to your own realisations, & suited to those issues within your life which hold you back, the doors within your mind that you cannot seem to open to yourself. The issues in life that anger or frustrate you & make you feel you lack control. That may be a relationship with another person, a situation causing you concern or even an aspect of your relationship with yourself - those small & large things in life which make you feel stuck, powerless to move forwards or to change who you wish to be. This technique can help you to understand Why you do what you do, Why you are who you are as well as instantly being able to create positive change within the mind.

Hypnoanalyse: a very effective & fast form of therapy. Hypnosis is a natural mental state. It isn't a mystical magic wand, nor a 'cure all'.Each & everyone of us enters a hypnotic state several times a day, so an easily reached & natural state of mind, as well as focused relaxation. Like all therapies, something you have to be willing to take an active roll in as the client. 

An example of a natural hypnotic state: have you ever driven somewhere or drank a cup of tea & not remembered either? Your subconscious mind does not need your conscious self to do something that is already deeply programmed into it. Your conscious mind can only hold a few pieces of information at any one time so control is held by the sub conscious, which is a good thing - imagine having to learn how to drive every day!

What can Counselling &/or HypnoAnalyse help with?

Corrupt files? Everything that we know, believe, experience, feel & express is stored within the subconscious mind, similar to files on a computer. Some good - some corrupt. The subconscious can create illnesses, keep habits that destroy, stop you from getting what you desire, leaving you feeling stuck, unable to make positive change & feel that you cannot control you own mind as we are always propelled back to where we started. How many times have you tried to move forwards only to be held back by something within?

The cause of many of our anxieties, depression & many other unpleasant symptoms reside at an emotional / subconscious level. Hypno-analyse gives us an opportunity to be guided to a moment of, liberating personal enlightenment when concealed memories or emotions are bought back into consciousness. At times, what is hidden is not even seen in a literal manner as the mind gives a ‘representation' of the issue to work with, which can be wonderfully fun & playful, whilst relief is felt within situations & life changes as a result.

Both allow us the opportunity to go to the root of deeply personal issues, even if they are not present to the conscious mind. Or equally to deal with the issue from its current presentation. From anxiety, depression & your fears or worries, to preparing for surgery, habitual issues or even pain & illness - therapy can help. It can help with relationships of all kinds as well as issues relating to who you really are, to living your full potential & dealing with loss & change.

You have the skills within your subconscious mind has all of your answers just waiting for you to take hold of. Once an issue has been dealt with via Hypno-analyse the symptoms will be greatly understood & permanently disappear in most cases. It is a very useful tool for the release & understanding of buried emotions & thoughts. As a therapy is it simplistic solution focus, mindful & empowering.

There is no reason to put up with old problems, unless you're happy being unfulfilled? If you're prepared to dedicate some time & effort to the therapy

YOU can literally change YOUR mind!

Please message me to discuss you needs & appointment durations: More than one session may be needed. 

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If you wish a Skype session please make sure:

You have a good Internet connection, you don't wish to be cut off half way through your appointment.

You have good sound & microphone. 

You can understand & speak good English.

You are totally alone during the session, including children.

You know that you will not be interrupted.

Pre set up a way to record your session if you wish to go back over it later. 

Honor your appointment, no refunds for a missed or late arrival of a session. Please message me as soon as you can in regard to any session you cannot make. 

Message me before paying. 


Therapy Session: 50 Minutes
Therapy Session: 50 Minutes
Therapy Session: 50 Minutes£62.50