Psychic Development & Guided Meditations

One to One Psychic Development

1-1 Psychic Development, & Coaching for Your Individual Needs,Questions & Queries - Big & Small.

I offer one to one development which enables a more personal approach to the individual who is seeking to find their own pathway.

Please do not pay until we have discussed your needs, please read on. 

Psychic Development lessons will be fluid, based on the insight that you wish to understand. You may wish to meet your guides, or get to grips with your Chakras, or the Tarot plus many, many other matters. Including discussing fears & beliefs. 

From the deeply philosophical to the minor issues you wish to understand you will find that as a mentor I am not very 'new age', I am not Wiccan or into fantasy. I firmly believe that we are all spirit, there is no fear except that which the mind creates within the self. If you wish to know if I can help you, please contact.

I can help with development in the following ways:  

My Psychic Development ToolBox 

Mindfulness & other forms of Meditation: Meditation is a useful tool for the serious student who understands that it is the self who is the key to development & wishes to be a clear channel. It also teaches us to be present rather than wandering off mentally, plus aids the practice of being non judgemental.

Guided Meditations: There are many inner mind journey's which can help you understand your true nature which I have written. Guided meditations can help you focus on your own energy system (Chakras & Aura), your guides & your Higher Self as well as the balancing of the self. Guided meditations are hypnosis, spiritual hypnosis is called Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, & I am a fully trained Hypnotherapist. 

Hypnotherapy & Counselling: At time's what can hold us back from Psychic Development is a deep seated fear of the matter.  We can be programmed at a very young age from either religious or societal misunderstandings of the self & its relation to spirit, that we can fear what at heart we know we wish. I am an experienced Counsellor & Psychic, & Counselling & Hypnosis can help such matters be explored so that the bung can be removed from the bottle, allowing freedom to develop.

Spiritual Healing: For development this can be a wonderful tool as it helps to shift energy, to clear blocks, to relax you & to allow you to be at peace with another there to share with.

Tarot: Used as a subconscious & meditation tool, tarot can be a wonderful method of self exploration as well as a means of opening to spirit. Tarot can be lessons alone or as part of your 1 - 1 development. Have a look also at my Kindle ebook Understanding Tarot.

Talking & Discussion: Maybe one of the two most useful tools we have at our disposal! It may be that you have questions to ask, confusions to work through & seek another to help you see your own truths via conversation.

Each person will be an individual, so how many session you may need can vary. Message me via my contact form if you wish to work on your Psychic Development or simply have questions which you wish to work on in private.

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If you wish a Skype session please make sure:

You have a good Internet connection, you don't wish to be cut off half way through your appointment.

You have good sound & microphone. 

You can understand & speak good English.

You are totally alone during the session, including children.

You know that you will not be interrupted.

Pre set up a way to record your session if you wish to go back over it later. 

Honor your appointment, no refunds for a missed or late arrival of a session. Please message me as soon as you can in regard to any session you cannot make. 

Please message me before paying. 


Development Session: 10 Minutes
Development Session: 10 Minutes
Development Session: 10 Minutes£12.50
Development Session: 20 Minutes
Development Session: 20 Minutes
Development Session: 20 Minutes£25.00
Development Session: 30 Minutes
Development Session: 30 Minutes
Development Session: 30 Minutes£37.50
Development Session: 40 Minutes
Development Session: 40 Minutes
Development Session: 40 Minutes£50.00
Development Session: 50 Minutes
Development Session: 50 Minutes
Development Session: 50 Minutes£62.50