Understanding Tarot ebook

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by Pam Richards 

Learn the Tarot & How to use them for Psychic Development via Meditation 

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A study of the symbolic nature of the Tarot for the professional & novice student. This book has been written as a guide for those who wish to develop an understanding of the Tarot & for those who wish to develop their psychic nature via them.

As you may have found out from previous study the Tarot are a complex subject & not one best suited to conventional teaching, you can however be guided & hopefully this book will help you achieve that aim.
If this is your first introduction to the Tarot then you will find that you are entering a fascinating field of study containing all of life's possibilities. Between the pages you will meet with most if not all of the facets of human existence & learn a lot about both yourself & others along the way. There is not one card within the Tarot that does not correspond to or not explain any of life's events, feelings or reactions. If you have already been introduced to the Tarot then I hope that this book is both helpful, interesting & inspiring.
Within the 65000 words of this book you will be taught how to develop your psychic clairvoyant self, you will not be taught how to use Tarot spreads but rather how to use the Tarot as a stepping stone to your own psychic self. Via the meditation exercises you will be directed in a focused manner to utilize the Tarot in a less traditional way. I believe that the Tarot are an ideal tool, they make a wonderful subconscious stepping stone to the psychic mind, rather than a system which is used plainly for its own ends - Tarot is not just Tarot spreads & fortune telling, it can be used for far deeper issues that that. The clairvoyant mind can also only give what it knows back to us, so it offers us what we understand in symbolic images, if you understand the images of the Tarot then it has a greater dictionary of wisdom to use.
Your own journey with the Tarot is individual to you & I hope this book will introduce you to your own inner guide.

Let your journey begin!


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