Book 1: Foundation e-Book for Psychic Development

by Pam Richards

This is the most important e-book for the beginner out of the set. 
Do you wish to understand your link to spirit & your own spiritual body?

$2.99 / £1.99

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The Foundation book is the first in this series of development e-books & from a teaching perspective the most important.

Foundation will teach you how to Open, Ground & Close your energies. Teach you how to connect to spirit & how to recognise that link giving you a strong foundation to build from.
Without these basics in place information gained via your higher mind or spirit may cause confusion & this is one factor which leads most students away from developing.
It takes time to understand your own spiritual self, the transcripts presented in Foundation will help you to realise that focus.

Includes 3 Guided Meditation Transcripts:
White Light
White Light Self Healing
White Light Subtle Body
Subjects also covered in text:
Why Guided Meditation?
White Light
Opening to Spirit
What Happens when we Connect
Recognition of Energy
Self Healing
Aura & Auric Shell
The Importance of Being a Clear Channel


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