Guided Meditations ~ a collection

Journeys for Relaxations, Self Healing, Psychic Development & Self Exploration

by Pam Richards

$2.99 / £1.99
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Most meditations are written by myself, this is a set of transcripts for you to use alone or with groups. The e-Book is divided into two sections. 


    (Induction = a relaxation or spiritually balancing & opening pre-meditation)

Healing White Light .. to cleanse, heal & balance energies

Physical Induction .. for physical relaxation

Healing White Light/Physical

Healing White Light & Chakras

& Guided Meditation's

Chakra Meditation/Healing Emotional & Physical .. Chakra meditation & healing for the emotional & physical self.

Chakra & Aura Cleanse/Protection from Negativity .. Positivity Meditation: an Aura Cleansing & Chakra balancing meditation to increase your energies & boost your own aura aiding protection from others negativity, whilst removing your own negativity, good for when others have made you feel run down or doubtful.

Chakra Meditation/Psychic Development .. A Chakra Meditation that aids spiritual connection.

Meeting Guides .. You are gently guided to a place & a state that enables you to have contact with your own spirit guides. Several room & places to visit depending on what your state of development or needs. Gold Room : White Door: Beach: Animal Connection

Rubbish! .. for stress, Clear that clutter, most definitely magical rubbish

Pathways .. For those who feel unsure of where they are within their life at present.

Dragon Medicine .. A meditation for those who want to feel refreshed & connected, a fun & enlightening meditation.

Wild Horses .. A meditation to free the mind, fun, exhilarating with a choice of pathways to your guides explore.

Healing Hands .. for the spiritual healers out there, a good recharge & development meditation focusing on the Hand/Palm Chakras.

Crystal Cavern .. A grounding trip into a beautiful crystal healing cave which allows a clearing of your energies & then a journey to wherever you are taken ...


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