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* Free Service * please read all of this page before you submit a question. 

How to submit a question:

1: Read this page's info in full. 

2: All videos will be posted to both my Facebook Page (currently not active) & my YouTube Channel, so please Like or Subscribe to one or both, so you can see new posts go up. 

3: Decide if you wish to remain Anonymous or use just your First Name - make sure you add this in your message to me. (Names of others will not be used, which gives an energy of privacy)

4: Send me your personal issue or a development question via this sites contact form. Start it with - Dear Aunty Pam or Ask Pam. If not I will presume that you wish to become a client & send you payment details. Please be as concise as possible, as I will not reply to any submissions, but go to the ones I'm drawn to. 

Video replies will be aimed to help both yourself, & others with the same issue.

For those seeking real 1-1 Psychic or therapy with their personal issues or development worries, please visit this sites relevant pages for what I offer & prices etc or contact me. 

Your questions can be about:  

Emotions, Feelings, Actions, Situations, Life, Mind, Body, Spirit, Meditation, Journeys, Psychic Matters, Spiritual, Psychic Development, Tarot etc .. anything which is of concern to you! 

Psychic Development & Spiritual Questions:

All answers are taken from my Psychic & Therapy toolbox as well my decades of experience in these areas.

So if your stuck with a Tarot card, or a psychic development issue, or one of spiritual growth submit a question.

Personal Issues:

This is not a free reading & often will not be Psychic in nature, or to replace any counselling needed, but an agony aunt view of the problem from someone experienced with helping others see their way through their lives difficulties. 

In some cases if I have a few questions about the same topic a general one will be done to cover all the questions relating to a mutual problem shared by many. 


Messages sent to me in respect to suggestions or questions for this free service will not necessarily be replied to, but kept to one side if considered by myself. 

No video uploads or posts will be removed at a later date - all videos will stay published. 

Please note: There is no guarantee of me producing a video reply in response to any questions or suggestions sent, videos are done in my free time around my paying clients & home life. Hopefully 1 to 2 per week.

There is no guarantee of your problem being given the advice you wish, but the advice which is relevant via my own therapy & personal experience.