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My Psychic Toolbox & My Therapy Toolbox

Am I the right Psychic or Therapist for you? 

There are millions of Psychics in the world, we all have our own way of working with our own personal spiritual connection. All with differing backgrounds & beleif systems. Before you approach me for guidance please can you read what is below.

My Psychic Toolbox

I am not a fortune teller & I do not do general curiosity readings. I do not use photos. 

I am a Psychic Clairvoyant & Experienced Counsillor/Therapist NOT a Psychic Medium.

I am a Psychic Counsellor or therapist working with your specific personal issues, the small or big things you feel hold you back in life & those burning questions that you have about your own personal life.

My readings will show you why you are where you are -  the connections which you have to others & how they are in relation to you & your future pathway with your issue so you can see an outcome, or the direction issues are travelling into. 

Advice is Clairvoyant or direct from spirit, or even via a Tarot Layout. Insight is given through many means to help you with your problem. I connect with you via your first name & your issue, guidance arrives in a few ways which I can divide into the subcategories below for those who may wish to know in more detail.

Direct Clairvoyant: (no tools such as tarot), images, symbols, pictures which have meaning to myself, a kind of personal language between spirit & myself which I fully understand. ?

Direct from Spirit: If Spirit wish to say something in their own words. I do not let Spirit speak through me literally, as I choose to pass on their words, views & guidance.

Mediumship: I rarely offer proof of a loved one being in spirit, yet it can happen. Please don't to book with me in hope of this occurring. Yet I do have direct communication with my own guides in spirit who have been know to relay messages. Although it can happen, it is not my chosen area of Psychic work. As a therapist my guides & myself work with personal issues & will gladly talk with you about grief issues.

Intuition: A simple awareness that something is 'so' due to energy being picked up on, which is relayed via feelings.

Instinct: An awareness based on experience.

Tarot: (I am author of Understanding Tarot, which is no longer on Amazon) I do enjoy using Tarot & when a Tarot reading is purchased I still work with my guides & the energy present, so I never do a Tarot alone reading. 

My Therapy toolbox

Counselling: I have studied counselling, & find most session of any kind involve listening & primarily talking, so I am also happy to be a listening ear during sessions if it is what is required. It is the mix of these two skill sets Psychic & Counselling which form the basis of the work I do. If you wish to have an appointment without the Psychic or Spiritual elements please travel to my Counselling page. 

Hypnotherapy: I am also a trained Hypnotherapist, & prefer to use this therapy from a visualisation perspective, so this can be used for guided meditations to help you meet your guides - to healing.  Hypnoanalyse: My main Hypnosis skill, can also be used for deeper therapy issues which you may wish to deal with via talking direct to your own subconscious mind. 

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, so one simply induced by the therapist & all methods I use your communicating with me for most of the time. Yet of course hypnosis can be used for relaxation & has many applications & I still am very happy to work with weight as well as stress issues within a theraputic &/or a spiritual setting, yet this is not avaliable via email & I have no plans to return to physical appointments at present.

Life Experience: I have a wealth of both & sometimes good old fashioned advice is called for, as is the advising of alternate healing routes.

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