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Help from my Guides & I  for your personal problems & issues
Read below about how to purchase an email reading to help you with an issue or question

(New Client Finder Offer:  Get 25% off an email reading when you share my services with a friend, & your friend will also get 25% off their first reading. Your 25% will be given after your friend has taken part in their own email reading. Any discounts in this offer are not to be joined together or used with any other promotion. Message me to enjoy this offer my lovelies

Paypal ~ even if your not a Paypal account holder you can still use the service as a guest. 

Any Issue Guidance: 1 Issue
Any Issue Guidance: 1 Issue
Any Issue Guidance: 1 Issue£20.00
Just Clairvoyance or with Tarot?
Any Issue Guidance: 1 or even 2 Issues
Any Issue Guidance: 1 or even 2 Issues
Any Issue Guidance: 1 or even 2 Issues£35.00
Just Clairvoyance or with Tarot?
  1. Have a personal problem, situation or question you wish insight & guidance on from my Guides, Clairvoyance & myself or with the inclusion of Tarot
  2. You do not need to make an appointment
  3. Read this page, & any others on this site to see if your drawn to me
  4. Choose from the PayPal buttons above what reading you wish, & Direct Clairvoyance or Tarot, & price suits your needs 
  5. Once you have paid, send me an email or message from my contact page with your issue

Sometimes we do not wish to meet or talk to another yet we wish to have help arrive all the same, e-mail Psychic or Psychic Tarot Guidance fills that gap. 

Even as you’re reading this now, you know what your question is if you’re looking for answers to a problem. Sometimes your question cannot be put into a question format as it is too confusing for you, so please rest assures that one question also allows for one life problem.

Once you have contacted me, you will be asked to not send a single blunt sentence request & equally not to give an abundance of information - a small paragraph is sufficient. You will also be asked to give the first names of anyone you are asking about & their connection to yourself & the situation. .

Your focused & direct question is what I use to link into & gain energy from. Name your problems. As we are not face ~ face I cannot talk to you as we progress. If I need more information, or do not understand your questions I will email you to ask for clarification.

When deciding upon a reading it is best to leave expectations behind, a clear mind=clear answers. You wish to get the best from your reading, so be direct & honest in your email to me. Please ask all the questions you have related to your issue, however big or small as it will be too late after the reading to do so. 

Your reading will contain all the information I am given from spirit & any tarot cards if a Tarot reading was requested, which will also be pictorially included for you to see. I will give your concern care & attention & provide you with an insightful reading which will be direct from spirit & the heart.

Your e-mail reading will be done within 4 days, usually sooner & returned to you by email, or even via Facebook message if you prefer. 

My Pal.me for those with discount code from the Offers Newsletter or wish to pay without using the buttons.

£20.00 (1 x A4 page size apx) or £30.00 (2 x A4 apx) prepaid via paypal.


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