Some Tarot Facts

Some Tarot Facts

Added on 17 March 2021

Some of what the Tarot can & cannot do

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I have studied the Tarot like many for many decades & I also teach, so am often asked many questions concerning 'How' they work.

My book Understanding Tarot

When I am asked if events in the future can be changed the answer, I give is both "Yes & No".

I find the Major Arcana to represent strong & meaningful influences that shape & develop our lives, & in being so, they cannot in the long term be changed as they depict what is supposed to occur & what would be beneficial to the individual's situation, which is akin to the process of destiny or karma. The energies that the Major Arcana represent are concentrated & hard to avoid & are largely unchangeable but not totally unavoidable. The Major deck will tell of what is to be & indeed your own karma cannot be avoided, just maybe temporarily bypassed. You will soon find that what has been avoided will always come around again sooner or later.

The Minor Arcana can be changed however if one changes their outlook & understands that being forewarned is being forearmed. The Minors indicate how we react to both the energies & events explained by the Major. You can change & restructure the outcome to future events by changing your views, i.e., if the Resulting position of the spread being used shows you reacting negatively to the situation at hand, then by being prepared for it either physically, mentally, or emotionally you can change your reactions to it when it arrives. This should result in the life experience being felt with more understanding & acceptance or enjoyed all the more. By doing this the good times may be more beneficial & the bad more bearable. Although with this in mind you could be changing your pathway by doing this, so this fact should be noted.

Another point to remember & an issue that those who are worried or superstitious about the Tarot will want to know about; "What can the tarot actually do & not do? " Unfortunately, due to ignorance, this is a question that you may have to answer at some time or another. The tarot does not in any way decide or make the future happen - our freewill achieves that aim. Bad luck cannot be blamed on the tarot not good luck attributed to them. They just simply tell of what will be in connection to our current, past & future actions.

Once you have laid your chosen spread it will inform you of the probable outcome & not of alternatives. Lay a few cards to ask what advice there is to be given regarding an alternate view, unless you ask you will not be told. Which brings us to the subject of free will in connection to the tarot.

We all have the ability to use our own free will & in fact, we do with every action & thought that we make. With the use of our free will, we can direct & mould our futures & as such everything that we do results from using our own personal free will, & never abiding by the will of another. Which if we do would still be the result of directing our own free will as we have chosen to do so. As a direct consequence of free will we can choose, or at least aim for our future goals. Unfortunately, there is lack of understanding of the principle of free will, & so most individuals do not consider the possibility of changing or purposefully directing their life's pathway. A tarot reading will only show one's future possibilities if one is to stay on the same path mentally &/or emotionally from the time of the reading. So, by implementing free will can events be subtly or drastically altered? Yes, they can. But strength will probably be required by the questioner to be able to deal with the events in a manner that they may not be used to. One will have to decide whether it may or may not be appropriate within the given situation. Free will requires from us that we are true to ourselves but compassionate towards others while in the process of directing that free will. While we may not be able to change the actions of others who appear within our life's, we can control our own. While changing views or differing responses in order to avoid a situation may be a sign that you have learnt from an event it may also show avoidance. If that is the case then whatever you may have failed to learn will appear again, maybe under a different pretext, but the lesson will return all the same.

To see or try to understand how events can be changed ask for specific advice "How can I …" or "What can I do to improve..." Etc. instead of just accepting the given outcome that will result if your present views stay the same.

The Major Arcana's are in existence until they have worn away naturally & their energy used up as they represent the foundations of the area concerned. The action of the combined minor & the major decks forms a 'Catch 22.' Minor cards bring about the influences of the major while the same is to be stated in reverse, that the majors bring about the effect of the minors. In my mind, this helps to support the view that when trying to redirect your future the key lies within your reaction to the Magical Minor cards, as they hold the key to our responses to the apparently immovable energies that the Majestic Majors bring.

Starting with Tarot

When folk decide upon the Tarot, they tend to jump into complex layouts such as the Celtic Cross etc, but they simply confuse the newbie Tarot student. 

If you like the cards you're using, then that is a start .. use them every day, look at them, handle them .. let them become a friend. Allow them to become a daily part of your life so you can gel with them.

Stick with single or two/three card layouts, it will be easier to work with at the start. Although spreads can be wonderful things, depending on how you work with them a single card can be all you need! 

Tarot are a subconscious tool, ideal for opening up your psychic abilities, so taking the time to learn what the symbols mean, or do reading as much as you can, will help you build a relationship with them & give you a firm foundation, yet if you wish to never read anything about each of the cards then that works well for some as well. It is a case of what you wish to do. If you like to prod & poke everything to see how it works reading everything will call to you, if not then you will feel a different approach call to you. 

But first, make sure you get a deck which you like, it's just superstition which states another has to buy them for you, so preloved or new - just make sure you love the artwork to be off to a good start if you're new to the world of Tarot.

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