Psychic Clairvoyance & Tarot Guidance

with Pam Richards


Guidance & answers for your past, present & future

Are you stuck, confused, worried & unsure of what a situation will bring?

Need to know why you're where you are? where you're going? or have been?

Do you need or desire Psychic answers, guidance or insight into a personal issue?

To know what is ‘going on’?

To see the future of a situation?

To see & understand what others think & feel?

Or maybe you wish to develop or fine-tune your psychic abilities or understand tarot?

If so, I can help you.

About Pam 

Pam has worked with Spirit, & with peoples energies as a Clairvoyant since the late 1980's, she also enjoys working with Tarot. She has an upcoming book called Understanding Tarot due to be published in 2022. Read more ..

Email Readings

Pam works via email, all you need to have is an issue you wish to have looked at. Read more ..

Contact Pam

Pam can be contacted by email & via the contact page on this website. Read More ..

You can also reach her on Facebook, via her Page Pam Richards: Psychic & Author 

& her Group Understanding Tarot: Study & Discussion Group

Dear Pam I have always enjoyed and found guidance and wisdom in your readings. Thank you!


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