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Help from my Guides & I for your personal problems & issues

Sometimes we don’t wish to meet or talk to another, yet we still wish to reach out for help. E-mail Psychic or Psychic Tarot guidance fills that gap. 

Even as you’re reading this, you know what your question is, yet sometimes our problems cannot be put into a question format as it is too confusing for you, so please rest assured that one situation allows for one life problem, even if a few questions are a part of that.

I've been working with Spirit & Tarot for over three decades and have a lot of experience helping people find their way, see their own truth, and make sense of their lives, problems, and unique situations. I pass on as much detail as I can, so please be as clear as you can in your in your messages to me. 

I work mainly unaided, with no Tarot, as I use your first name, words, & problem to tune in, but I’ll happily use Tarot with added Clairvoyance if you wish. You can read more about Tarot in my book Understanding Tarot. I can work with the Tarot alone as a Tarot Reader, yet my Guides or Clairvoyance are still present, taking me into the Tarot cards at times, or just triggering the messages & guidance you need. A Tarot reading with me will frequently be a happy mix of comparative tarot and psychic input. 

I’m here to help you find answers, solutions, & your own truths. I link in and gain energy from your focused and direct questions about your problem. Name your problems. As we are not face to-face, I cannot talk to you as we progress. A few sentences are sufficient, & the questions you have attached to them, with the addition of the first names of anyone else whom you wish to look at in relation to your question, such as Dave, my brother, etc.

If you feel the need for a reading where you're told random things about yourself, your life & those about you, lottery numbers, etc., I am not going to be able to help you, as I do not do general readings, & I will refund your money.

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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Thank you very much Pam You are always spot on and what you have said has helped me. Sharyn


I urge you all to buy Pams wonderful insightful book. I did a few months ago and my depth of understanding and knowledge of tarot has grown enormously.

Michele Dickson

Thank you. What a wonderful reading from Pam. So informative. It showed a new way forward into a long outstanding 20 year dispute that has no doubt taken its toll on all our health. The relationship problem has had me baffled for so long. The answer was so simple, I just never spotted it and how to make it work. So thank you Pam, your help and guidance was amazing.

Elizabeth Hickey

Reading Oh Pam thank you so very very much for this reading . You have put my mind as ease and glad am not losing it . I will go over it again as you advised but thus has lifted a weight of my shoulder once again thank you Love and light xxx


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