Understanding Tarot by Pam Richards

An illustrated guide to the symbolism of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck Understanding Tarot by Pam Richards

I'm very excited to announce that my book, Understanding Tarot will be published, fully illustrated at the start of 2022. This date is due to the licence of the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck being free from that date in the UK. 

The book is for those new to tarot as well as those more experienced & even the tarot geek.

Each Rider Waite Smith card has its imagery written about in detail, with each element, where possible discussed. This is great for those interested in the symbolism of the tarot & what the images themselves mean. 

The book will be illustrated with one of the five original Rose & Lillies Rider Waite Smith decks left in existence. 

It has an In A Nutshell element for newbies. 

Both the Upright & Reversed meanings of the cards are given, with again for newbies certain keywords in bold italic for an easier read. 

How to use the Tarot for psychic development is also an aspect of the book, which is also filled with lots of insights and information on how to use the Tarot to their best advantage. 

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Highly recommend! Pam was always there to offer me guidance, whenever I needed the most. Her readings are intuitive and in-depth, and she offers a good insight into whatever you are facing. I've always felt more confident after receiving a reading from her. Highly recommend!


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