Understanding Tarot by Pam Richards

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ISBN No: 9781398431485An illustrated guide to the symbolism of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot deck, yet suitable for all Tarot lovers and students and those who wish to use Tarot for psychic development

Understanding Tarot is a large book, with over 400 pages, for those who are totally new to Tarot as well as those who are more experienced, for those who are interested in the imagery of the Rider Waite Smith deck, and for those who also wish to use the Tarot for Psychic development, as well as those who do not and who see Tarot purely as a system.

The book is illustrated with one of the five original Rose & Lillies Rider Waite Smith decks left in existence, which was printed in 1909, so the images are as Pamela Coleman Smith drew them as opposed to how many reprints and recolorings have altered them. The front and back covers represent The Sun card, with the back of the book mirroring the back of the Rose and Lillies deck itself.

The front part of the book deals with the 78 cards of the Tarot deck.

For Rider Waite Smith fans, as well as those who use RWS clone decks, the imagery of each card is examined in as much detail as I could manage given the size of the book. If you have ever seen the hut behind The Fool or questioned what the Queen of Cups ornate cup represents, what the colour coming from the spilled cups in the Five of Cups is, the details of The Empress's seat, or any of the other small details present within each and every card of this wonderful deck, you will find the answers within this book. Within this deck, each pen stroke, each colour has meaning, and here I have sought to give those explanations, which I hope will help those who, like myself, are drawn to the detail within this Tarot deck.

Each Rider Waite Smith card has its imagery described in detail, with each element, where possible, discussed. This is great for those interested in the symbolism of the Tarot & what the images themselves mean, yet, the book is suitable for anyone, even if they do not wish to buy or use the Rider Waite Smith tarot deck.

Next is an 'In a Nutshell' section: From this point onwards with each card you will find the book suitable for any budding, or experienced Tarot reader, whatever deck they love to use. This is a brief section, a sentence to help those new to the cards.

Upright and Reversed come next: Each card has not only the upright and reversed, or well and ill-defined references of the cards, again this is for any deck, but also for those new to Tarot keywords are placed in bold italics for easy reference.

After the cards we cover in detail how to use your tarot deck: Which is excellent for those unsure of how to. 

  • We look at how to prepare for your reading
  • Court cards
  • Significators
  • Spreads. Several spreads are included also, from the Single Card to the Celtic Cross
  • Shuffling
  • A look at some superstitions surrounding the cards and much more
  • There is a section for those who wish to use the Tarot for their psychic development: And methods for how to achieve that are given.

This book came about as when I started, I wished that I had a book that gave the details of not just the images of the RWS deck but was also inclusive of all of what else this book gives. I wish it to be a companion to those new to Tarot, and one which they can refer to for many years as their journey with the Tarot deepens. 

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ISBN No: 9781398431485

Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Pam gave me a couple other readings 4 years ago and now I’m back, looking for advice on some personal matter. Pam clarified the situation well and gave me really good advice. I’ll be be back soon, life is giving us so much homework, that it’s difficult to keep up with everything, and a good insight on certain situations is always welcome.


Just got my first email reading from Pam. My family has been going through a lot and her guidance really resonated and helped put things in perspective. I would definitely get another reading from her in the future.

Linda R

I’d highly recommend. Thank You Pam Pam reading was not what I expected. I expected something very vague and general but she was very specific, she made things very clear and she told me the truth. She gave me insight to my situation and everything was true and everything made sense. I plan I getting more readings from Pam.


I am a member of Pam's group on Facebook. I really enjoy the readings she does. They are very informative. Join the group, we are a friendly lot.


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