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Help from my Guides & I  for your personal problems & issues

Sometimes we don’t wish to meet or talk to another, yet we still wish to reach out for help, e-mail Psychic or Psychic Tarot guidance fills that gap. 

Even as you’re reading this now, you know what your question is, yet sometimes our problems cannot be put into a question format as it is too confusing for you, so please rest assured that one situation allows for one life problem, even if a few questions are a part of that.

I’ve worked with Spirit & Tarot for over 30 years & have a vast amount of experience helping others find direction, see their own truth & make sense of their lives, problems & individual situations.

I work mainly unaided, with no Tarot, as I use your first name, words & problem to tune in, but I’ll happily use Tarot with added Clairvoyance if you wish. I can work with the Tarot alone as a Tarot Reader, yet my Guides or Clairvoyance often pop in, taking me into the Tarot cards at times, or just triggering the messages & guidance you need. A Tarot reading with me will often be a mix of Comparative Tarot & Psychic input, a very happy mix. I never use photos so please don't feel you need to send any, as I just ignore them. Nor Astrological information, as I am not an Astrologer it means little to me. 

I’m here to help you find answers, solutions & your own truths & for that common sense, the therapist in me & Spirit will & do ask questions if your message to me is not clear. Your focused & direct questions about your problem are what I use to link into & gain energy from. Name your problems. As we are not face ~ face I cannot talk to you as we progress. On initial contact I only wish to know your first name & your problem, a few sentences are sufficient & the questions you have attached to it, with the added first names of anyone else whom you wish looked at in relation to your question. Such as Dave, my brother etc. 

If you feel the need for a reading where you're told random things about yourself, your life & those about you, lottery numbers etc again I am not going to be able to help you & I will refund your money.

I'm not a Psychic Medium, so sadly I am unable to connect you to loved ones who have passed into Spirit, it can happen, but it is not my main skill. As a Psychic Clairvoyant, I can help you see where you are, where you've been & where you're going within your personal issues. 

I will not tell you what you wish to hear, as what is important is what I see Clairvoyantly & am told via Spirit, & this is the information & guidance which is imparted.

I have a wealth of life experience, so advice can also be given via myself - although if advice is from myself it will be stated that it is such. I am a human, so will gladly try to help on a practical level with down to earth Aunty Pam advice if Spirit leads me in that direction.

When deciding upon a reading it is best to leave expectations behind, a clear mind=clear answers. You wish to get the best from your reading, so be direct & honest in your email to me. Please ask all the questions you have related to your issue, however big or small as it will be too late after the reading to do so. 

  • Have a personal problem, situation or question you wish insight & guidance on from my Guides, Clairvoyance & myself or with the inclusion of Tarot
  • You do not need to make an appointment, but you can message me before if you wish to check I am available
  • Read this page, & any others on this site to see if you're drawn to me
  • Choose from the PayPal buttons what reading size & method you wish
  • Choose if you wish to have Tarot, No Tarot, or to hand the choice of what is used in your reading over to me with Readers Choice. 
  • Once you have paid, send me an email or message from my contact page with your issue
  • Your e-mail reading will be done within 4 days, often within a day or two & returned to you by email. 

Your reading will contain all the information I am given from Spirit & Tarot cards if used. I will give your concern care & attention & provide you with an insightful reading which will be direct from Spirit & the heart.

Email Guidance

Hi Pam,Many thanks for this reading. It was spot on in so many ways - your gift always astounds me.Thank you so much once again xxKelli


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Any Issue Email Reading

Both the One & Two Page Any Issue email readings cover any life issue which your trying to find a way through in life. As with all of my readings you can have them via direct Clairvoyance or with the addition of Tarot via a spread. My guides are involved in both methods & both deliver the same volume of text.

The smaller, 1 page Any Issue reading is about 1 x A4 page, with the other being 2 x A4. 

The smaller reading if Tarot is wished for is normally a 3 card layout, with the standard a Celtic Cross if one issue is given, if two or more then I will decide what is best at the time. The position titles for each layout are governed by your needs & questions relating to your problem. 

While both of these two layouts are suited to a single question / problem / issue, they can be divided into two issues - yet of course the information given will take up the same space, so there will be less detail. 

Please note I do not do General/Curiosity Readings: 

I only work with peoples questions, issues & problems, however big or small they may be. 

Visit my Contact page if you have any pre reading queries.

Paypal ~ even if your not a Paypal account holder you can still use the service as a guest. 

Thank you Pam for another thoughtful reading response. Pam helps to explain what she sees in the cards so I can better frame my views on events and people. She gives detailed responses and really takes her time to look at each card and the reading as a whole. I appreciate your insight into the situation. I highly recommend Pam. I will be back again. Thank you!


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