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Help from my Guides & I for your personal problems & issues

  • Have a personal problem, situation, or question you wish insight & guidance on from my Guides, Clairvoyance, & myself, or with the inclusion of Tarot. Please keep in mind that I do not do general or curiosity-based readings; such as 'What does the next 3 months have in store for me?', 'What is my life's purpose?', etc. Instead, I work with people's emotional issues and concerns. Specific problems that you have and wish to share. If you're unsure, please feel free to drop me a message
  • You do not need to make an appointment, but you can message me before if you wish to check if I am available
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  • Your e-mail reading will be done within 4 days, often within a day or two, & returned to you by email unless during a holiday, weekend, or other issues arise, to which I will communicate all with you. 

Your reading will contain all the information I am given from the energy about you and your issue with Clairvoyance, Spirit, & tarot, if used. I will address your concern and provide you with an insightful reading that comes straight from the heart and Spirit, plus my knowledge of the Tarot if that is requested. 

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About the readings offered

All the readings offered by me cover any life issue that you're trying to find a way through and the questions you have attached to that issue.

As with all my readings, you can have them via direct Clairvoyance or with the addition of Tarot via a spread. My guides are involved in both methods & deliver the same volume of text.

Visit my Contact page if you have any pre-reading queries and send me a message.

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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

thanks Pam, liked the clarity of your guidance.


My book arrived this week. Yes!
The Universal Waite Tarot deck shows Pamela Coleman Smith’s artwork recoloured by Mary Hanson Roberts. The line-art is clean with non-blurry lines and beautifully coloured, of course.

I am house-sitting for my son for two weeks so decided to also buy the ebook from Amazon Kindle. I’ll leave the hardcopy at home so it doesn’t weigh-down my suitcase. It’s a 427 page book, so very thick!
I’ve only read the introduction and The Fool so far. What I like so far, is the way the Fool’s meaning is described in detail, referring to colour, symbols, and zodiac and astrological associations. All important details for me to remember and learn. There is a lot to learn, to enjoy and to gradually remember. I say gradually, as it’s not about memorising but savouring the details. This is not a book with keywords, although there is a “In a nutshell” summation at the end of each long description for the card. The long description (often three pages in length) is followed by two shorter ones (less than one page long) for upright and reversed meanings. In these shorter sections, keywords are in bold-type. It’s far easier to remember them when they’re given in a story-like context rather than as a separate list to memorise.

I can see myself using this book as my primary resource for years!
This began as sharing a photo and ended up as a short review for those who have not yet bought Pam’s book.

My advice is to not hesitate.

Janet Danes

Pam, thank you so much for my email reading. It's much what I expected to hear, although the timeline to stay at work is a little longer than expected! The reading is so accurate I'm sure I'll be asking for another reading before long. Much love, Leonie.

Leonie Wilson

:) Thanks Pam, you are the best.:)Thanks!Andreea


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