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Help from my Guides & I for your personal problems & issues

  • Have a personal problem, situation, or question you wish insight & guidance on from my Guides, Clairvoyance, & myself, or with the inclusion of Tarot. Please keep in mind that I do not do general, curiosity-based readings; instead, I work with people's emotional issues and concerns. If you're unsure, please feel free to drop me a message 
  • You do not need to make an appointment, but you can message me before if you wish to check if I am available
  • Read this page & any others on this site to see if you wish to know more
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  • Choose if you wish to have Tarot, No Tarot (Clairvoyance), or to hand the choice of what is used in your reading over to me with Readers' Choice
  • Once you have paid, send me an email or message from my contact page with your issue
  • Your e-mail reading will be done within 4 days, often within a day or two, & returned to you by email 

Your reading will contain all the information I am given from the energy about you and your issue with Clairvoyance, Spirit, & Tarot if used. I will address your concern and provide you with an insightful reading that comes straight from the heart and Spirit, plus my knowledge of the Tarot if that is requested. 

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About the readings offered

All readings offered by me cover any life issue that you're trying to find a way through and the questions you have attached to that issue.

As with all my readings, you can have them via direct Clairvoyance or with the addition of Tarot via a spread. My guides are involved in both methods & deliver the same volume of text.

A Single Life Problems or Issue. The smaller, one page reading is about 1 x A4 page. If Tarot is desired, a three-card spread is normally used. 

One or Two Problems or Life Issues. This reading can fit more than one of your problems, more than two and it will give you less information, as of course any of your issues can have a few questions attached. It is approximately 2 x A4 with a six card spread if one issue is given; if two or more, then I will decide what is best at the time. The position titles for each layout are governed by your needs & questions relating to your problem. Please note: If 2 issues are wanted with this reading, they will not be equal in size to the above, single life issue's reading size, they will be smaller. 

Celtic Cross. I've separated this reading from the one above, as many ask for a Celtic Cross, posing a couple of issues, when this is a spread suited to one. There is no option for Readers Choice or No Tarot with this option, as of course it is based on a specific Tarot spread. This spread is approximately 2 A4 plus, pages long. 

Visit my Contact page if you have any pre reading queries and send me a message.

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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Thank you again! you're amazing, and you're absolutely right.

Kathleen Leahy-Jenks

Pam did a reading for me a few weeks ago. What she told me where things I was thinking and feeling already. So it came more as a confirmation, that what I think and feel is real.


Hi Pam, Thank you so much for the in depth reading. I knew the answer, I just needed clarification as to the outcome and the feelings. I appreciate the detail as I knew it was not my mind playing tricks on me,rather, I need to trust my intuition more. And my intuition said eh, no. ?? Thank you very much, succinct and compassionate. Blessings, Avril.

I highly recommend Pam for her intuitive readings. She has wonderful insight and has been correct in the past regarding situations I have brought to her for guidance. She gives very detailed explanations of what she she sees in the cards. I appreciate you sharing your energy with me and will be back for advice again.


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