Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help me?

I'm a psychic clairvoyant and tarot reader who has worked with their guides for over 35 years, the author of Understanding Tarot, and a qualified therapist. I am here to help people find their answers, give guidance & help you understand where you are on your pathway. 

I help others with their personal issues, situations, questions and psychic development problems. 

What type of Psychic are you?

I am not a medium, which means I am not a psychic who can give you proof or a loved one’s survival in spirit. 

As a psychic clairvoyant, I view myself as a psychic therapist. I can work with or without Tarot to help you see a way forward or gain insights into your personal issues, however big or small they may be.

Are you a qualified Therapist?

Yes, I used to work as a hypnotherapist, working as a hypnoanalyst for the most part. See here for my list of qualifications. 

Are you available for Skype/Online appointments?

I only work via e-mail.

Due to health issues, I find it hard to guarantee that I can commit to them, as this is not professional & I only work via email.

I also live in a remote place, so phone lines and connections cannot be relied upon. 

Do I need to book an appointment for an email reading?

No. No booking is required for email readings. 

Yet you can email/contact me first to make sure I am available if your reading is urgent. 

How long are your email readings & how long will I have to wait?

My email readings come in 4 sizes. They range from 1 A4 page to 3+ on average.

Email guidance is usually done within 48 hours, unless I have a buildup or they arrive over the weekend, holiday periods, etc. They are all done, usually within 4 days. Any issues with this will be communicated with you.

How many questions can I ask in an Email reading?

An email reading is for one problem or situation, unless stated. 

If you have many questions connected to that, you can ask them, & I ask you to do that, as Spirit can sometimes not see them as relevant. A reading is for a problem and you can see within the reading information how many questions each can encompass for its size. 

Do you ever refund?
  1. No refunds will be issued unless I've done a smaller reading than you paid for, and then I will refund the difference, which can be common when clients pay for one larger than needed or the information does not fill the space. 
  2. If you decide you do not wish a reading you've paid for and discussed with myself as you've gone to someone else, changed your mind, or the situation is now different, I will still have made the time and space for your reading and booked it into my schedule. I will do your reading as requested, even if on a different issue. Your payment can even go 'into the woods', i.e., saved for the future if you wish. If the request comes in before I start to set up and is a genuine, heartfelt request, a refund may be granted. 
  3. If you decide that the reading that has been given is not what you have wished for, for any reason, such as because it's not what you wish to hear, contradicts your beliefs about your situation, etc., while this is very rare, my time has been given with care, consideration and dedication to your needs; I cannot get my time back. 
I don’t have a PayPal account!

That’s fine; you can use PayPal even if you’re not a PayPal member.

Can I have a free reading?

No. I value my time and respect my paying clients.

I give a lot of my time for free within my Facebook tarot group, Understanding Tarot. I give away free resources for tarot students there and on this site. 

Please respect the time, energy and dedication I give to the clients that find their way to me via guidance and my psychic services. 

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