Code of Ethics & Disclaimer

1: All guidance is given confidentially.

2: All clients are treated with honesty. I will not give you what you want to hear, but what I am given via spirit, clairvoyant ability or the Tarot.

3: You will not be judged nor discriminated against due to race, sex, nationality, religion, gender or sexual orientation, nor for your actions.

4: As I believe strongly in personal responsibility, I will never inform you that you will need to do anything of a magical / spell nature to resolve any issue, or suggest /imply that anything is the result of a 'bad/negative/evil' spirit etc.

5: All email readings will be conducted within 4 days of receipt. Usually within 24 hours - Please contact me before you send payment.

6: I am not a Dr, Midwife or Solicitor. If you have a health issue, including issues of pregnancy. Please take practical action with the relevant professional services.

7: You steer your own ship, I am not present to tell anyone how to live lives, make decisions or take action. A reading is for guidance, a light shone on the map of your life - You ultimately have to make your own choices on the information you receive.

8: As you do not wish my views or personal opinion, on occasion, it is useful to give them & in such cases they are clearly stated. So you can rest assured that every piece of insight you are given is direct from the reading itself.

9: I have no interest in the Paranormal, so no things that go bump in the night/orbs/ghosts/hauntings etc.

10: I will never suggest or imply that anything is the result of a 'bad/negative/evil' spirit etc.

11: Due to privacy ethics I will not look into another's life directly, only to see how that other's life will affect yourself directly. Placing the emphasis on your own responsibility towards yourself & the situation. How another wishes to act within their life has to be their own private concern.

12: I have worked as a psychic counselor for nearly 30 years & as such I work well with personal problems that require insight, I do not favour general, unemotional questions. Nor requests made out of curiosity.


In all instances, please remember that all information is given as a guide only & no liability is accepted by Pam Richards for how you choose to make use of the information supplied.

If mis-leading or false information is supplied by the Questioner then an accurate reading will not be given.

Accuracy cannot be guaranteed by any Psychic.

The Psychic contents of this site & professional services are offered as guidance, & although I strongly disagree, are for entertainment purposes only via UK law.

You must be over 18 years of age.


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