Code of Ethics & Disclaimer

1: All guidance is given confidentially.

2: All clients are treated with honesty. I will not give you what you want to hear, but what I am given via spirit, clairvoyant ability, or the Tarot.

3: You will not be judged nor discriminated against due to race, sex, nationality, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, nor for your actions.

4: As I believe strongly in personal responsibility, I will never inform you that you will need to do anything of a magical / spell nature to resolve any issue, or suggest /imply that anything is the result of a 'bad/negative/evil' spirit etc.

5: All email readings will be conducted within 4 days of receipt. Usually within 24 hours - Please contact me before you send payment.

6: I am not a Dr, Midwife or Solicitor. If you have a health issue, including issues of pregnancy. Please take practical action with the relevant professional services.

7: You steer your own ship, I am not present to tell anyone how to live lives, make decisions or take action. A reading is for guidance, a light shone on the map of your life - You ultimately have to make your own choices on the information you receive.

8: As you do not wish my views or personal opinion, on occasion, it is useful to give them & in such cases, they are clearly stated. So, you can rest assured that every piece of insight you are given is direct from the reading itself.

9: I have no interest in the Paranormal, so no things that go bump in the night/orbs/ghosts/hauntings etc.

10: I will never suggest or imply that anything is the result of a 'bad/negative/evil' spirit etc.

11: Due to privacy ethics, I will not look into another's life directly, only to see how that other's life will affect you directly, as often it is pointless to try. Placing the emphasis on your own responsibility towards yourself & the situation. How another wishes to act in their life has to be their own private concern. What is often shown is known, consciously or subconsciously, to the questioner OR needed to be known by them and relevant to their life and journey. Often, this comes from the shared energy between the two people. At times, those links can be strong, as there is lots of energy to see remaining between the two; at other times, it is a dead end as the questioner knows the answers. At no time is the other person's life invaded, as only the energy that is there to be read can be.

12: I have worked as a psychic counselor for many years & as such, I work well with personal problems that require insight, I do not favour general, unemotional questions. Nor requests made from curiosity.


In all instances, please remember that all information is given as a guide only & no liability is accepted by Pam Richards for how you choose to make use of the information supplied.

If misleading or false information is supplied by the Questioner then an accurate reading can at times, not be given.

Accuracy cannot be guaranteed by any Psychic.

The Psychic contents of this site & professional services are offered as guidance, & although I strongly disagree, are for entertainment purposes only via UK law.

You must be over 18 years of age.


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