Psychic Predictions?

Psychic Predictions?

Added on 17 March 2021

Can a Psychic predict the future?

Or is it all probable outcomes?

I do not predict the future, it can be a pointless task as the future is built upon each individual moment which we have, so we are constantly creating where we are going to right NOW.

A reading gives you a snapshot of the direction your situation is heading in respect to your current actions, or non-actions, your thoughts & emotions, so if nothing changes the insight for the future may well stay on course if the Psychic is a clear channel with a good connection. Yet we cannot force everyone who is involved directly & even indirectly in yours & others' lives to not make a new fresh decision which rewrites the course of events.

So as Psychics we should be able to see these unexpected changes – shouldn’t we? Yes, we can see twists & turns & likely ‘probable’ outcomes & even ask about them for you, yet they cannot be termed as absolute facts. People often feel that their own situation just involves them & another, yet it involves a whole army of people – family, neighbours, colleagues, people they say hello to in the street, their pet dog & on it goes.

Some people are terrified of Psychics as they believe they have powers, which they do not. They have abilities that they have spent time developing, yet it does not stop some people from being hopeful or fearful & they can hang on to each word that a psychic speaks, as fact. They can hand over their power to the reading, when instead it is a guide or a momentum to change, either events or the inner self.  If you have a belief that a negative or upsetting reading means that you're cursed, bound by bad luck, or destined never to be happy or even believe that outcomes are predetermined you may see no point in trying to make changes. A spirit worker of any kind does not write or create your future; they simply see a pathway that may, or probably will, emerge based on current energies & actions.

YOU create your own outcome. Even on predetermined pathways outcomes are not determined. It is not wise to give over your power of free will in return for a psychic prediction, hold it as guidance & advice.

There are still many fortune tellers out there, those who claim to predict the future. They often make grand claims about what they can see for you & will give you what you want to hear – so be careful of those who seek to glorify your future & what they can see in it, as it is often a reflection of their own need for acclaim in some manner, or to line their bank balance. If they fail to tell you that it is a probable future, they can see then they either do not understand how free will works or have an inflated ego.

I’m much more interested in allowing you to see where your pathway is going if nothing changes & that is more likely than anything – you do things the same way as you always do, resolves an issue in the same way, see things from the same perspective, take no diversions from your old tried & tested methods, & often this goes for all those about you involved in your situation.  A good psychic will give you alternative routes if Spirit suggests them or you ask if any can be seen, yet the real power lies often in you realising the truth of your situation in the Now.


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