Life after death

Life after death

Added on 16 March 2021

I was recently emailed & asked about life after death. It is a long time since I spoke about such matters... My views come from what I call eclectic Buddhism, but I respect & hold dear all faiths, standing under a spiritual & philosophical umbrella I can view religion from an angle others may not. & Any time a faith promises hell & damnation I do question it all, where is the unconditional forgiveness, for me it offers such a great contradiction -as both cannot exist.

For my own beliefs I do believe in God, or a single universal energy which is governed by no single religion. We are spiritual beings, we are all connected to the divine. Religion is man made, something which has sought to understand this element. Each nation & or body of people in the millennia's gone by& have formed religions based on their interpretation of it. Your spiritual self is part of you, something which you can feel directly, no one else can control it unless you give it to them & subconsciously we all do at some stage, especially when your born into a faith or your pulled towards one.

So, for me as we are all spiritual beings, we are all also God, one family all made from the same energy living within physical bodies for the duration of the life. For me reincarnation is also relevant, but that is another topic lol. As we are all divine in element I do not believe in heaven or hell as they are human constructs, we simply return 'home'.

We are connected to the physical body via what is called a Subtle Energy System, as we die this breaks down & the spiritual element leaves. I believe that what it perceives from that point is based on what is programmed into the mind ie what it believes will happen. If the person believed in hell & damnation that is what they will get, if they believe in Saint Peter, that is what they will get, as equally that if they believe in nothing they will get that also. An illusion, which is broken down by truth as time progresses.

Being spiritual beings, we are also surrounded by others in spirit. We all have many with us throughout life & beyond, in new age terms called Guides. Which is I suppose the best name for them. It is they & who help us through this phase of illusion, the truth shines in & we realise that we are spirit & not dammed or being ticked off a list or filled with nothingness etc. How long this takes is individual some moments, others years or decades, as the personality will still be very present at this stage.

I see our spiritual lives as the real lives, before each birth we have issues to deal with & work to fulfil, in spirit we continue that. Life is assessed, we decide what we need or wish to do next, we can choose to wait for loved ones or move on. I cannot tell you what is is like, as when I have visited, I have seen it through my human mind which dresses it up in a way which I can understand. But I do know it is peace, calm yet exciting & touchable.

Life is stepping stone, a time to gather what is needed to reach true purity. The heart is often the best creator of individual belief systems - allow yours to create one for you.

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