Adding an Advice Card to Your Tarot Readings

Adding an Advice Card to Your Tarot Readings

Added at 20:00 on 22 October 2022

Do you add an Advice Card to your tarot spreads?

I have always added a card for advice to my Tarot readings, be it for my clients or for myself. An Advice Card adds clarity to the issue, a sense of direction, and what is required to help navigate the problem at hand.

We can get caught up in the issue, the cards presented, and, for those new to the tarot, how to put them all together can be a complex muddle. An Advice Card gives focus, which can seem to be separate from the flow of the reading at times, as it can often show a need to do the opposite of what is shown. Yet, that is natural as the reading may echo what is going on within the situation asked about, giving you vital insights but lacking a solution.

If I am using a large Celtic Cross spread, as you will see in my book, Understanding Tarot, the version that I use for myself, and others has an advice card added to the side. You can add Advice, as a position separate from the spread – so an additional card. Or you can edit a spread for your own use and replace one of the other cards with it.

You do not need to do anything special to obtain an Advice Card. It is not a card that you need to pick up, especially as you would a Significator. Choose your spread: edit or just know where you will add the Advice card before you start. Then, prepare, shuffle, and lay your cards, with the cards going into the numbered order of the placements, or the positions chosen prior when you chose your spread, and the order in which you would lay them. Or you can even just ask for advice and take the card from the top of the shuffle as a one-card spread.

A lot of effort can go into our Tarot readings, yet at times we fail to simplify them with what we really need – advice.

Give it a go and see what it brings to you, your situations, and your readings.

Here is a small spread from my Pinterest account to give an example, you can use it with any spread, just use your imagination. Click on each image if you wish to download them. 

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