Third Party Readings: Asking About Others.

Third Party Readings: Asking About Others.

Added at 16:49 on 16 April 2024

What is a third-party reading?

It is when we ask about another person without their knowledge or consent.

A lot of people dislike third-party readings, which are seen as an invasion of privacy. They are often the bulk of most readers’ work. People naturally want to know about other people; it is human nature. So what is really going on?

Yet what is seen is often what is relevant to the person asking, even when working directly with energy, and unless they want to know what the person is doing right now or had for breakfast, that is more than enough for them. Can you look for more? Most likely, yes, but would you like it done to you? I do not fear it being done to myself; I see myself as a spiritual being, so all that can be gained is what is 'out there' already, within my energy, and not hidden, either as it is known or has been displayed by my personality. If I had an issue, people may know I have one, see that, and pick up on that—but what issue? that can be harder to see.

In some cases, it can be self-defeating for the questioner to ask about such things, as it highlights their own state of mind by asking, and without being able to confirm with the other person, it can lead to a lot of pointless feelings caused by the ego and have no bearing on reality. In some cases, what is seen is what is wished for, feared, especially when reading for oneself. 

When we ask about another, what we see is what we either already know—consciously or subconsciously—or that which is your business to know about. We see this via the connection we already have. We see what is relevant. Yet egos can run amok with the information presumed upon, especially if there is no way of confirming matters or there is desire, love, hate, or any strong emotion present.

If I were to ask about my relationship with someone I love and ask, "How are "we"?" I would see what is known; even if it is hidden from me, a light gets shone on it. Or what is relevant to me, and often the latter comes under the first umbrella.

If I ask, "How is Brad Pit today?" I may see what I presume. What I know, consciously or subconsciously, is the same as before. If I was right or wrong, how would I know?

Tarot is a reflection of the self of the person asking for the reading. If you work with energy, the same rule can apply: you see what is relevant to you, and your spirit and guides, etc., can show what you also need to know, which can at times differ.

Energy is energy. If we think in terms of, I am Spirit, that naturally presumes that You are too. So will the person who is the subject matter. With us all, we have our own higher self; we have an army of guides. Nothing can be taken that is not given. If you, or another, can connect to the energies of another and try to force your way into what someone else is doing, you will be locked out, go blank, etc. What you will be privy to and what you will see is what lies within their energies, and that is what is often known about, on display and no secret. In that, you may see half a story, more, or all. How will you know which? Our minds can presume and fill in gaps, which can cause a lot of misinterpretation. 

When information comes via the mind consciously, even if you’ve forgotten it, it will be something you know.

When it comes from the subconscious, it can come from things that are between the lines: words said, tones of voice, words not said, body language, etc.—all those myriads of things the inner mind will pick up on, yet the conscious mind will not connect the dots with.

Some think them wrong, some right. I see them from the view above, so all stems from within and at heart pertaining to the questioner, what they know on whatever level and what is theirs to know.


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