Eight of Cups: One Way Ticket?

Eight of Cups: One Way Ticket?

Added at 15:40 on 09 August 2022

We are often shown someone leaving a neatly stacked pile of cups, which can make us often wonder if this is someone leaving a situation for good.

While this can be true, it is not always the case.

This card can be seen as the pursuit of the Nine of Cups, the wish card, and you can see from the neatness of the stacked cups that time, love, and energy have been given to them. They will not be left behind lightly.

We can see the man leaving in search of that ninth cup, which at times may imply that he will not return, as he seeks new pastures. Yet, at times we need to bring more to what we have. We need to find ways to improve things to ‘add to our lot’ and there is no desire present to walk away. This can be seen as a fact-finding mission, a time to learn more about something, a trip into ideas and those things which we can mentally, emotionally as well as practically, bring back to those areas in life which we love and wish to enrich.

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