Tarot & Timing

Tarot & Timing

Added at 16:52 on 26 September 2023

Timing can be hard with tarot, as while there are methods people use, I've never found any that work other than to ask my question within a time frame and understand the time-based placements within a spread (Near Future, etc.).

Even within a time-based question, nothing can be guaranteed, but it gives a guideline. For example, "How will my relationship with X go over the next 3 months?".

Time is flexible, and you may find that the information given has happened, is happening, or happens within 2 weeks or even 5 months after the asked-about timeframe. So, you may use it as a guide, not as an absolute.

If you have a good, clear question and a good spread to use, that also helps. If you have a pre-agreed understanding of time-based positions, that can also be of benefit. Such as Recent Past, Long Term Future, etc. There is a section about that within the book Understanding Tarot that talks about this, yet it is something you can set for yourself. For example, you can pre-agree that, unless otherwise stated within a question, a spread, overall, covers 6 months. Or a position titled ‘Future’ is anytime over a 12-month period, or thereabouts.

The answer may not give a yes or no answer to whether this will happen within 3 weeks, etc., but it may well tell what is possible within that time frame.

At times, it’s worth remembering that believing tarot to be something it isn’t and a lack of preparation for a reading or even tarot knowledge can hinder such questions, along with expectations.

If you search the internet, you can find methods that others use. Here are a few that come up often when this issue is asked about:


Wands: Spring

Cups: Summer

Swords: Autumn

Pentacles: Winter



If you are a student of astrology, use the cards and their relevant astrological signs to govern the 'when'.



Wands: hours, days

Swords: weeks

Cups: being water that ebbs with the moon—month or months

Pentacles: longer, a year, or more

With this method, give it a try; it may work for you?

But how do you use these?

Think beforehand. Will you look to see what is in the Answer Position? In that case, will you also read the spread? This can create issues, as it may just be the Answer and not relevant to time. Will you find it relevant, or are you just looking for that last or Answer card? Will you avoid a tarot spread? Ask your question and take a card from the deck.

Will you do what some do and take the Ten of Pentacles as 10 years? The Two Wands: a few hours or days? Think about how you will work with these methods before you start.

Be curious and try any methods you find, and if they do not work after some testing, move on.



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