Tarot: Yes and No Questions.

Tarot: Yes and No Questions.

Added at 12:43 on 27 June 2024

Can they be asked?

A lot of what we ask is based on a yes or no reply when it comes to tarot. Many tarot readers will shout, ‘You can’t do yes or no readings; tarot is not meant for that', and such. Yet, it is very possible to do yes-or-no readings.

While with other Mystical Blurb blogs you will read, a good, well-worded question and a suitable spread for your question work wonders, it is also worth knowing that when it comes to a yes or no question, understanding that such a reply may not be given is key. Sometimes your cards will give advice, or a new angle, or just reflect the issue back at you, all of which can hold a wealth of information for you and thus an answer. Taking that on board is important; if you understand that there may be no, yes or no to be seen, it can free you from the anxiety of not seeing such a reply. Tarot is not always going to be black-and-white in its response. 

What can often get in the way of a successful yes or no reading is a poor spread, and often at the heart of things, a lack of tarot knowledge, plus, of course, being too connected to the situation and not having yet learned how to put yourself to one side, as is human.  

  • A good, or suitable spread can be looked at based on the nature of the question, one that gives you the wanted or best perspectives for the question.
  • When there is a lack of tarot knowledge, it is often the case that the cards within the spread are not seen in their true light. Each card within the spread will link to the other cards and all will be relevant to not just the question, but their positions as well. When that skill has not yet been mastered, the reply to such a question can get lost in the complexity of the cards.
  • When we ask anything of tarot and are confused, stuck, frustrated and invested in the answer, we can, even with all the tarot knowledge in the world, not see the message. In such cases, wait, relax, or visit a professional reader.

Another aspect of such questions is rewording them. If you ask, “Will I find love this month?” you will be looking for cards that would suggest a yes, yet if you get no obvious ‘love’ cards in your perspective, the cards that are given will still answer the question. That is where tarot knowledge comes in: study. It can be better to ask, “I wish to be in a relationship; where am I with this issue right now?” as you will see your current state of being, and that can easily reflect how things will be in the very short time frame of the month.

If you ask, “Is X thinking of me?” this is a third-party reading, so you may well see what you already know based on what you know of this person stored within your subconscious, so you may see what you think is the reply, which can be correct or wrong factually. Asking, “What is the potential of a committed relationship between X and me at this time?” name the type of relationship and time frame. Or alter it to encompass what the problem is. You can read more about asking questions in the book Understanding Tarot and in other blogs found within the Mystical Blurbs

So, you can do yes-or-no readings, even if you’re told that they cannot be done. With the right tarot tools, you can. At times, even as a professional, I will edit a yes-or-no question from a client, but not often. If you struggle with them, it will come as long as you believe that they are possible.

In the meantime, or if stuck, reword the question.


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