Channelling. Some Que and Ans.

Channelling. Some Que and Ans.

Added at 16:07 on 11 November 2022

Recently a member of my Facebook group Understanding Tarot started a top on the issue of Channelling. I’ve popped my reply here to hopefully help others. The following questions where posed.

1 - What is channelling, and do we do it all the time?

Channeling is the pouring of information into the mind from an outside source, sometimes a drip, other times a steady pour, and sometimes a flood. It is the act of bringing down information from Spirit, be it from Spirit Guides, loved ones who are in Spirit, Spirit about us, our own Spiritual Self, or our own subconscious mind; the latter is worth always bearing in mind as information can come from our own selves. The spark may come from Spirit to start a mental download from the subconscious, or an idea might prompt channeling. This information can be very revealing, it can give us great insights, be heard as a voice, be a deep knowing that gives details, or even be a simple realisation from which more insights stem. Healing energy can be channelled, as can great works of text, lessons, and even inventions, as can love and a simple reply.

We don't do it all the time; it's usually accomplished during a meditative state, a daydream, or by focusing on something, even if it is unrelated to anything spiritual. When we view that as coming from the subconscious mind, that can be more prevalent, as that is an aspect of us that is always present. But we are still more prone to flashes of insight when we are relaxed, which is known as 'different' as it brings newness with it, a firm feeling of something beyond ourselves, intuition, or clairvoyance.

Chanelling, can be done consciously, yet also within a trance state. 

2 - Do we "need" to be doing it to have "accurate" readings?

Not at all. If you work, for example, as a Tarot Reader who has no interest in psychic abilities or the spiritual side of life, then it will not be something to consider. Yet you can still give an excellent, accurate reading from the cards alone if the system as a whole is fully understood.

Not all readers who work in a spiritual manner will channel. Some will, some will not. If you have a Clairvoyant who works with energy, they are not channelling, as they are tapping into the other person's energy, which is then translated into symbols, images, etc. and "read’. Yet, as channelled energy can appear as such, they could be. Some readers work from a more subconscious place, and it stems from within their own selves and inner wisdom. It can be difficult to know what is actually channelled from Spirit at times, so simply knowing that you're bringing insights forward is worth accepting as is rather than the source, which you can't always prove or disprove. 

3 - What's the difference between reading a spread by channeling, intuition, or using logic?

Some of that is mentioned above; the difference from the outside may be hard to see, and that could be the same from the reader's perspective also. An inexperienced reader may be adamant about where the information they obtain comes from; others may be completely perplexed. In most cases, time and experience are what allow you to see where insight comes from. The subconscious is often bypassed as a source by readers, as it lacks the magical spiritual vibes that are often sought. To answer the question, there is no difference because what matters is the content of the advice given, whether it is realistic for the client or for oneself. Channeling, as mentioned is information from a higher source for the most part. Intuition is your own inner knowing, which often comes from the subconscious or energy self. Logic stems from the subconscious, but it is also a strong part of who you are as an individual and what lessons are programmed into you as facts. 

4 - Does the way you pick your cards of the deck matters to this question?

Not at all. Tarot and channelling can make good partners, yet tarot is just one way, and many just use meditation. What matters is how centred, open, grounded, and present you are, or, in other words, if you are in a meditative state or not, or in a dissociated state such as drifting off as you wait in a traffic jam, etc.

5 - Is there any difference in this channelling process between reading for yourself or reading for others?


6 - Situation one: You ask the question, you lay out the cards, and you read the message in the immediate moment. But something happens, and you need to stop for a few minutes and come back. Your concentration breaks.

I've discovered that if my memory can take me back to that last moment, to that feeling, to that place, I can reconnect, so it's possible to reach out and grab that link and carry on, as no matter how dedicated you are as a reader, the doorbell can still ring, as it can with a client, and at times these things can be ignored, which I prefer, but emergencies happen. This is easier with clairvoyance than true channelling, yet channelling links can be revisited, Spirit and Spiritual Self willing. Related to this, when people come back and ask about their reading, it's not possible to reach back in time and capture it, but it is possible if memory brings the feeling forward and helps them reconnect. However, with some channeling, if it came from a specific source, it might not be. There are no guarantees.

7 - Situation two: you weren't able to finish it. So, you take a picture of it and resume the reading sometime after. 

You’re talking Tarot here, and the answer above would be the same for this question, as we are not talking clairvoyance or intuition here, but energy and information being channelled.

When we help other people with their readings here in Facebook Tarot groups. In these cases:

8 - Are we channeling, or did we channel before and then just use our intuition and logic to put things together as if the spread was a puzzle?

Quite often, no, but you could be. That is down to the individual and how they are at the moment. Are they in a meditative state? You can be using your own Tarot wisdom, as we are talking about tarot, a deep well of information that, even if you’re new, especially if you're experienced, will be sitting in your subconscious mind. Channeling is more profound than replying to issues as we do on Facebook because we are often only aware of the information coming in, and at times we can even be unaware of the act of writing it down. It provides a very calm, focused state of illumination, but it can also be quite manic and drive with direct focus at times. I would say, from my own experience, that yes, you can, but often it is subconscious wisdom, intuition, experience, logic, and even clairvoyance.

9 - Is channelling our intuition?

No. Our intuition stems from our subconscious mind, which controls everything and picks up on every microexpression, word, or whatnot, as well as our energies, which, as spiritual beings, we pick up on and then feed through our subconscious. Channeling is information from a higher source, yet it can also, as mentioned, come from deep within our own minds, from our own spiritual selves, or from unknown information held within.

10 - Is using logic how we channel?

No, we need to let go of logic in order to channel and achieve the proper mental state; meditation and logic are distinct concepts. Yet they are also very linked, as meditation creates a certain logic as it strips away our ego, giving us clarity.

11 - The more we learn, the more intuitive we become, and hence, the more we are able to channel?

Yes, and no. Some people never channel; some find it easy. This question is like asking, "I’m a Clairvoyant, does that mean I am also a Medium" One does not imply the other. To some degree, it will be governed by your vibrational state, which you cannot control as it stems from your higher spiritual self. In some by their mental meditative state, and others by Spirit themselves pushing it your way because it is needed, and may only happen once. Chaneling is a practise in and of itself, based on meditation, and as such, it is something that can be mastered if your energies and purpose here are aligned. 

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