The Queens Cup

The Queens Cup

Added at 12:19 on 10 November 2022

She gazes at her cup lovingly, as if it holds all her dreams and hopes, some would say also with a slightely pensive look. On both sides are angels, and I must admit to wondering why there were two can openers on her cup when I first saw it, but they are clear in some versions of the deck, not so much in others. They represent the higher aspirations of love.

Her cup has a lid, which serves to protect her emotions and the emotional content of her life. The cup represents all her affection, love, compassion, and soft, gentle approach to others as well as herself. There is a small cross on the top, which symbolises that emotions are where her faith lies.

There is a ruby set in the cup, which symbolises protection, peace, and wealth, and here with the Queen of Cups, emotional prosperity.

Around the cup are three small images, one of an eagle, and another of a lion. The eagle will soar above the world, and give her a panoramic view of her feelings, while this can be confusing, it can also give her a better picture than just a single viewpoint. The lion protects by connecting with family and those she deeply cares about, keeping them close and safe from emotional harm. The first image is indistinct and could be an astrological symbol for Cancer, her sign, or an open clam with a pearl, both of which are associated with the moon and represent fertility and femininity.

Her cup represents her world. Her inner desires and what she deeply hopes for in her outer physical life are weighed by their emotional content; she weighs events, situations, and people by their emotional content, and she holds all of that within her cup; if the level within this cup falls, even by a drop, she will feel it deep within her core and fear loss and pain as a result. 

Her world is contained within this cup. 

The Queen of Cups chalice is frequently the subject of debate, and it is covered in greater detail in my book Understanding Tarot.

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