Queen of Cups

The Fool journeys to the Queen of Cups and envelops the compassionate, unconditional energy of this Queen, and he gives his heart freely to those whom he loves. This is an intuitive soul who seeks to evaluate a situation by how it feels. The Fool now understands how emotions work and judges everything by its emotional content. The emotional happiness and security of everyone The Fool cares for will be important, and he will follow his heart to find what he needs.

We find our emotions flow, and we understand how we feel and why. Our emotional world is rich, calm, and energises us. All of what we have is judged by its emotional content, which is where its value lies right now, as is the need for emotional security.

Aspirations of commitment are high, and it is the real, deep love we have that is on our minds with those we have it for. Everything is defined by emotion, feeling, and creativity, as how we feel determines our reality.

Here is a time to trust our intuition and be in tune with our own as well as others' feelings. To be soft and nurturing with those in need, as well as holding that responsibility up to yourself.

Emotional security is a priority, and we can find ourselves sensitive. If you find yourself "triggered" and reacting harshly, check in with yourself to make sure that you’re not seeing your emotional world as half empty instead of half full.

Take time to be selfless, to trust and love with an open heart right now, and to be totally unconditional.  

Be protective; shield your feelings and those of those you love. Hug and open up, or encourage others to do so.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Pam has given a great reading. Everything she says rings true. She has given me a fresh perspective on my situation and seems to be able to get to the heart of things.


Absolutely love Pam!
I have been going to her every time for advice and guidance for the past 3 years and she is always right! I am grateful that I have found her and can email her for tarrot readings every time I need guidance!


I seek Pam's guidance frequently when I'm unsure how best to proceed. She has such a wonderful connection to the cards and always sees things and explains the cards separately and as a whole. Her insight has been spot on in the past. All types of relationships can be complicated at times. She helps me navigate those relationships more confidently knowing I'm on the right path. I highly recommend Pam!


Pam is Amazing!
I have used her several times and she is always accurate and is able to guide me in the right direction. I would recommend her to anyone that needs clarity with a situation. Thanks again Pam!


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