King of Cups

The Fool masters his emotions as he journeys to the King of Cups, yet he may be better at dealing with others’ emotions than those within himself. His emotions run deep, but they are firmly under control, and he is not ruled by them nor by his imagination or fantasy. He is quiet, loving, and sees the good in others. He is often willing to help others find their own solutions. His heart is big, and he can now love wholeheartedly and with complete commitment.

We find here that emotions run deep, and even if the sea is turbulent, all is under control—or should be controlled.

We find here a need for calm, patience, humour, and composure, and to take the emotional reins, even if that is for another who cannot right now. Commit to what you feel and use that to heal, teach, or counsel, and remember yourself in those mature and emotionally wise actions.

A warm-hearted, contemplative, relaxed, and caring attitude is needed right now, with emotional intelligence at the helm. No judgments, no outbursts, no doubts—just peaceful, emotional stillness.

If you're on the verge of a commitment, take time to contemplate all that means. Allow loyalty to lead you forward; love deeply and with full awareness of what your commitment can create. 

You’re strong, so take responsibility for the emotional landscape around you, especially where there is any disconnect from yourself or from another affecting things right now, and help navigate the route needed to peace if it is needed.

Be the calm in the storm. Make a difference.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Pam, thank you so much for my email reading. It's much what I expected to hear, although the timeline to stay at work is a little longer than expected! The reading is so accurate I'm sure I'll be asking for another reading before long. Much love, Leonie.

Leonie Wilson

Thank you for the reading Hi PamThank you so much for the reading.From start to finish you were supportive and helped me in deciding which was the best reading,without pushing me into either.The reading itself was easy to read and understand and with dates/times.I look forward to see how everything pans out...thank you again.Gail

Gail A

I've had a reading with Pam it was very helpful and helped me to see what I need to change in my life can highly recommended

Julie Barrett

Pam is amazing and gets me on a level that's so rare. She's gentle and empowering and can go right to the very heart of a matter. Her insights have been such a gift to me. Thank you, Pam!


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