Ace of Swords

The Fool now finds himself in the suit of air, as he has journeyed to the Ace of Swords and its sharp realities. He finds with the Ace of Swords that nothing will be the same again, as he is offered the gift of truth. Deep within, he knows that he will not see things the same again as illusions fade and ties to things or people are cut away with realisations. This may cause an ouch moment for The Fool, yet it will clear mental chatter and clutter, allowing for a fresh, open, and honest new beginning.

We find here cold, harsh intellectual facts with truths that can cut either way, for good or bad. With that bringing victory in truth.

This Ace offers us a jolt to the mind, as this is a seed that can grow and remove the blinkers from our minds; if that is not what is desired, then it can bring sadness, but at least we have clarity. Expect to have your thinking and your beliefs challenged.

All of a sudden, this Ace can force change in our lives; a fact drops in our laps, or rather, our minds, and it demands the removal of dead wood, which leaves us with transparency, a gift of reality.

Expect confusions or illusions to be sliced away as light is shone on issues and we can see things clearly even if strong emotions are brought up, and as any delusions we have had or even those things we thought were true are seen in a new light.

Realisations will be made; do not push them to the side; allow them to inspire your next step.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

I had 2 readings done by Pam. She was very accurate. I was pleased with both readings. If you need answers let Pam do you a reading. You won't be disappointed.

Lisa Garrick

Thank you. What a wonderful reading from Pam. So informative. It showed a new way forward into a long outstanding 20 year dispute that has no doubt taken its toll on all our health. The relationship problem has had me baffled for so long. The answer was so simple, I just never spotted it and how to make it work. So thank you Pam, your help and guidance was amazing.

Elizabeth Hickey

Pam gave me a few readings and she was very accurate, she helped me see my situation more clearly. Pam gave me a few readings and she was very accurate, she helped me see my situation more clearly.She also has a very warm heart, and makes you feel comfortable, she's not only doing her job here, but you feel like she's your best friend who listens to your problems and giving you good advice. Thank you, Pam!

Di Tu

Thank You Pam !!! Your reading as usual is very clear to the point and shows thing as they are.Thank you very much for your guidance I will definitely come back for more!!!


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