Two of Swords

The Fool journeys to the Two of Swords and finds himself wishing to avoid confrontation or dealing with an issue, yet he is finding that it’s not going away. He feels very confused and vulnerable and brushes his problems under the carpet, but things will disrupt his stressful balance in the end. The Fool needs to wake up and smell the coffee before changes are forced, or accept any that do occur if he does nothing.

What are you avoiding? What needs attention? What are you hoping will repair or resolve itself?

Here we find those things we do not wish to see or hear—those things that we need to act on. This leaves us not dealing with a problem, and so we hold onto conflict, fearful of facing things head on.

Our difficulties are not being faced, and we can feel confused, helpless, and stressed as we are unable to make a decision or deal with a matter. Which all leave an uncomfortable peace between yourself, a situation, or another person.

Know that while things are brushed under the carpet and ignored, that uncomfortable peace will not last; something will shift, and any temporary truces will not last, as the balance will be tipped by you, another person, or fate. Doing nothing is an option, but there are no magic wands to be found here, so if nothing is opted for, the outcome needs to be accepted as it has been asked for by virtue of no action.

There is an elephant in the room; deal with it before it trips over the stuff brushed under the carpet and brings things crashing down.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Pam read my spread a while back and although the spread and the reading was not good news, it was accurate and on point regarding the situation and helped me move on from it. Thank you


Pam‘s reading was extraordinary and has offered much guidance moving forward. I have been following the “push” Spirit for a couple years now, just trusting where it leads. There are so many elements at this point I thought I would get some guidance. What I loved most about the reading, was that Pam used my terminology. I wasn’t even sure how to phrase my question so I framed it with the metaphor of baking a cake. It was so helpful for her to provide the reading from that same perspective. Intuitively, she used many words common to my vocabulary, which really lit me up with excitement. Both her intuitive reading and the tarot layout were very accurate and validating my own intuition. the validation was great, but better was a little phrases that stood out for me that brought clarification and my next steps. I realized I couldn’t formulate a good question because I’ve been doing so much with the “pushes” that I really haven’t looked at how I felt. I’ve been following the excitement of the energy spirit has provided and now it is time for me to look at how I feel about my role in those plans! I highly recommend! XOX

Lisa Yesitis

Email Reading Pam, thank you for one of the best readings. I felt lost and after this reading I felt better. I’ve been looking for awhile for someone like you how knows what they are talking about. My search is over.Until my next reading ??.


Email Reading Thanks so Much Pam!!!You are a star. That helps a lot! A xx


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