Two of Swords

The Fool journeys to the Two of Swords and finds himself wishing to avoid confrontation or dealing with an issue, yet he is finding that it’s not going away. He feels very confused and vulnerable and brushes his problems under the carpet, but things will disrupt his stressful balance in the end. The Fool needs to wake up and smell the coffee before changes are forced, or accept any that do occur if he does nothing.

What are you avoiding? What needs attention? What are you hoping will repair or resolve itself?

Here we find those things we do not wish to see or hear—those things that we need to act on. This leaves us not dealing with a problem, and so we hold onto conflict, fearful of facing things head on.

Our difficulties are not being faced, and we can feel confused, helpless, and stressed as we are unable to make a decision or deal with a matter. Which all leave an uncomfortable peace between yourself, a situation, or another person.

Know that while things are brushed under the carpet and ignored, that uncomfortable peace will not last; something will shift, and any temporary truces will not last, as the balance will be tipped by you, another person, or fate. Doing nothing is an option, but there are no magic wands to be found here, so if nothing is opted for, the outcome needs to be accepted as it has been asked for by virtue of no action.

There is an elephant in the room; deal with it before it trips over the stuff brushed under the carpet and brings things crashing down.


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Thank you so much Pam for a great reading and for being so kind and understanding. You really helped me when I needed help. I couldn't recommend you more. Love and gratitude in abundance
Jenny x

Jenny Sherwood

Pam was wonderful. She was really on the mark in regards to everything I asked and it made perfect sense. She is kind and caring and available for clarification after ...


Bought this book on kindle
This book has everything I wanted to know about tarot, with short and easy-to-understand summaries to help me read quickly. The author's expertise is impressive and evident in the detailed explanations.

A Kelly

Just purchased your book!
It’s huge!! Bigger than what I thought it would be.
I’m going to enjoy it!
From being a member of your FB group, I know this will be extremely helpful.
Thank you for writing this book!

Elaine Lund

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