Three of Swords

The Fool now journeys to the Three of Swords and finds heartbreak, tears, upset, and disappointment on his travels. Words and actions have caused pain, yet they bring truth and liberation, wanted or not. He feels angry and lost, and he needs to vent these emotions in a healthy way in order to move on. He has suffered a loss and needs time to take each tear as it comes.

Here we find sadness. We can feel enraged, full of anger, down, miserable, or grieving the losses and pains we have encountered.

It’s ok to feel sad, to cry and rant, to rage and "feel", even if we would rather not. Heartbreak, heartache, and tears are brought to the forefront as a situation will cause emotional distress.

We don’t hold it in here; we let it out and give the frustrations time and space to be vented, as our disappointments need to be expressed. Life can feel unfair, just as it can be unfair, and we need time to sit with those feelings and work our way through them right now.

Life is not all gains; it comes with its fair share of losses, and you may be feeling the outcome of an old loss or a new one through disruptions and losses grave and small that hurt deeply.

Both what has happened, been said, done, or been forced on you will leave you hurt, as will the consequences that have been left for you to deal with.

If sadness arises, stay with it for a while.

In all lives, rain must fall; don't bottle it up. 


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Pam did a wonderful job with a complicated question. Her reading was incredibly accurate and specific to my issue. I’ve had many readings before, but Pam definitely has the gift. I will come back for more readings in the future.


Pam gave m a very clear and direct reading, delivering the message with a great deal of conviction and kindness. Very appreciated for the situation I am in! Give the circumstances and that I am the one in them myself, I’d have to agree that she is right in her assessment.

E x

For the first time of my life i recieved exactely the reading i NEEDED..not wanted. It was a shock and also the most beautiful thing that could happen to me. You opened my eyes and i am so so so thankful for this. Will ne back for sure. You are a true professionnal and connected Reader

Veronique Lapointe

Thank you Pam for the wonderful reading. It took some time for me to realise to stop what I was doing and embark on my 1st life changing quest. I repeatedly went right round in circles attempting to fall into the same mistakes, the ones I wanted to avoid. Your help in helping me understand what I was doing is a God send. Your an Angel.

Elizabeth Black Hickey

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