Four of Swords

The Fool journeys to the Four of Swords, and here healing is needed. A break from life, a situation, or stress will be on the cards for The Fool, and if not taken willingly, it could be enforced, and he will find the need to withdraw from the world. He needs to unwind, relax, meditate, or think deeply about life or a situation, and it should be taken seriously. Here The Fool enters a time of retreat from life to recharge his batteries.

Time to take time out! Take a sick day. Wave the white flag. Sit it out. Sleep in. Be a couch potato. Take some time to chill your mind and body before it is forced upon you.

Now is the time to retreat, wave the white flag, and withdraw from life in general or from a situation, as now is not the time for a battle or to maintain one. If it is wearing you down, take 5.

We need rest right now, a time to get our minds in order, recharged, or rebooted. Stress can lead us astray, and some peace and quiet are called for. Time alone, or just a place where we can find some silence. Our bodies can also be an issue, either from stress negatively impacting them or from being ill and not listening to our bodies needs to heal. Be nice to your body—it’s the only one you have.

At times we can feel hurt, let down, and things can seem unfair, and we need to lick our wounds after a bad experience. That’s ok to do and a part of the healing process.

Take a break from your routine.


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Calling a Truce and the Four of Swords

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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

guidance This is my second reading and I want to thank Pam for the guidance that eases my worries. I've said before that sometimes someone outside the situation can give you a different perspective and help guide you through difficult days. I feel Pam understands and rebalances my difficulties.


Thank you Pam for the wonderful reading. It took some time for me to realise to stop what I was doing and embark on my 1st life changing quest. I repeatedly went right round in circles attempting to fall into the same mistakes, the ones I wanted to avoid. Your help in helping me understand what I was doing is a God send. Your an Angel.

Elizabeth Black Hickey

Pam is a very intuitive gifted reader!! My reading was very accurate and spot on! She really has a gift!!! Thank you for your insight Pam!!!


Thanks Pam Thanks Pam, for your email, reading it was a roller-coaster of emotions, laughing crying, the whole pack. ?? Thanks again Pam always uplifting to have a reading from you:-) Happy weekend ?


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