Five of Swords

The Fool journeys to the Five of Swords, and resentment, disagreement, and a war of words will leave him feeling a bit hollow. Battles need to be picked wisely, as he finds that no one is listening to each other in his current one, and each word or action has consequences. Our Fool has realised that he does not know everything, that his opinion is not the only one, and that those who also believe that are also mistaken. He finds that arguments can get out of control, as words, best left unsaid, can cause situations to fail.

Are you the one imposing your views or having them squashed by another?

Here we find opinions and pride charging in like a bull in a china shop, and while someone, you or another, may feel that they have said their piece and done what they set out to do, the victory will be hollow as it will bring loss or tensions that will not be easy to fix. So here we find that we are plagued by a whole lot of disappointment.

This card shows us that we are exhausted, that views and beliefs are forced, and that someone thinks they know what is best and will not listen. If you feel that you must give your views, stand back and keep them to yourself, and if it is happening to you, walk away. Nothing will be gained.

We are surrounded by limitations; nothing of value can be achieved right now due to differences of opinion, and if you seek a compromise, it will not be found.

Power struggles and stubborn pride are going to cause more problems; all we can do is fail here.

Here is a lose-lose situation.


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Five of Swords - Which One Are You?

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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Thank you so much Pam for this, very helpful :)Love,Liana


Thank you for shining the light. Pam just gave me that additional breath I needed with a long drawn out process. She really helped me stay positive and high hopes for the next days to come. I will be back! Thank you so much for your guidance. I would have spent the weekend with upside down smiles instead I’m positive thinking.


Pam Thank you for ur reading ... very helpful insight...I hv faith things will get better as time heals.... Blessings to u. God bless...,


Pam is a very intuitive gifted reader!! My reading was very accurate and spot on! She really has a gift!!! Thank you for your insight Pam!!!


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