Six of Swords

The Fool journeys to the Six of Swords and finally feels a sense of relief as the tide changes. Things may not be at their best, but they are improving and are better than they have been. The end of difficulties is in sight. He still has all his swords, so he is not high and dry, and he is aware that there is a distance to travel. But he feels more confident or less stressed about moving on. During his journey, he can re-evaluate what he wants or wishes for.

Here we feel the welcomed emotion of relief as we move from rough, choppy emotional waters to smoother waters with calmer emotions.

Our problems are still present; they will not have evaporated, but we can sort them out later. Right now, it's about reaching a turning point and flowing with it to help us move forward and gain some space between what has caused any issues we have and what the pressure has just been released from.

Where are you going? If you have no idea where things will end up, don’t dwell on it, as that will just hold you back. This is more about trusting the journey than the destination. During this time, we can find that accepting the past is in order.

We can, deep down, know that we are ready to move on and breathe a sigh of relief as it is now possible. If you do not feel that optimistic, that is ok. Not knowing what the future holds can be nerve-wracking but trust the process and allow changes to move you forward.

If not already, the past will be in the rear-view mirror as new solutions appear.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

As usual great reading, very clear and to the point. I once again would like to say a big thank you for your guidance and help and there is a big chance I will be back :) Lots of blessings!


Hi Pam.

I wanted to tell you that I took what you said to heart. I have reread this from time to time to get my bearings every time I start to fall back into old paradigms. And indeed each time I do, I notice something new.

Thank you so much. I appreciate your personal story too and your approach and compassionate non-judgment.

Thank you with all my Heart!
Ruth :)

PS: I’m also a professional Tarot reader and it delights me to find you as a professional because now I can say here, right here, is a good reader.

Ruth Renate Davidson

Thank you very much Pam You are always spot on and what you have said has helped me. Sharyn


I had a reading from Pam,
I am excited to learn and/or confirm things about myself. Thank you for the guidance and the knowledge passed down!

Linda Leibham

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