Seven of Swords

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A time to change tactics is being presented to The Fool. He knows he needs to diffuse others or situations by being diplomatic, biting his tongue & not rising to any bait. He needs to stay aware of all that is going on around him, he is in the enemy camp, & should stay focused on keeping things calm. A time for the intellectual part of The Fool to act, not the emotional, & stay alert to the actions & words of others.


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I gave Pam a barebones bag of ragtag information but my questions were clear. She did not even require a spread from me. She came back with four cards that crystallized my situation perfectly. I now have the emotion I need to get this painful nightmare finished. Her advice was brutally kind and succinct. Exactly what I need and want. Thank you Pam! I will be back. May you have light in your world. I feel PEACE.


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