Seven of Swords

The Fool journeys to the Seven of Swords and realises that it’s time to change tactics. He knows he needs to diffuse others or situations by being diplomatic, biting his tongue, and not rising to any bait. He needs to stay aware of all that is going on around him; he is in the enemy camp, and he should stay focused on keeping things calm. It is time for the intellectual part of The Fool to act, not the emotional, and to stay alert to the actions and words of others.

Here we find a battle of wits, the balancing of odds in favour of yourself or another as you defuse someone, a situation, or are the person being disarmed.

Intellect rules here, and diplomacy and analysis events, words to be said, actions to be taken, as well as those already in play and made to gain ground or even keep a peace.

Odds need to be evened; a truce needs to be aimed for so that real, constructive communication can take place, even if it results in silence instead. Now is the time to defuse any potential danger, embarrassment, awkwardness, or stress with a bit of forward planning.

If you or another person is quiet and calm, then actions can go unnoticed, and if tension suddenly fades from a situation, all is well. Aim for peace. 

Stay alert, wake up, and be aware of all that is happening within a situation. If you have a brilliant idea or things that you wish to keep close, stay quiet and keep them safe in case someone swoops in and takes them as their own.

Change tactics. Brains, not brawn. Bite your tongue.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Thank you Pam Pam did a couple of readings for me, which were accurate and insightful, enabling me to make decisions about my way forward feeling more confident about the future. Looking back everything she said made sense and was really valuable ! Pam has been generous with her time and extra explanations when needed, empathetic while truthful and I can feel the loving care through her work. Thank you Pam , hope to talk with you more as life unfolds.


As usual great reading, very clear and to the point. I once again would like to say a big thank you for your guidance and help and there is a big chance I will be back :) Lots of blessings!


(The book, Understanding Tarot) Like having your own course at your fingertips! I'm loving it.

Vikki Murphy

Hello Thank you, you really picked up on my pain and frustration over this situation. Sending much gratitude and love back your way.You are very kind.


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