Eight of Swords

The Fool journeys to the Eight of Swords and feels trapped and powerless to make changes. He feels like a victim, which disempowers him even more. His swords are all about him, imprisoning him as he listens to his fears. Disabled by his anxieties, he does nothing and becomes stagnant and static. All he needs is someone to come and help him, and he can be free from what is binding up his mind. 

Here, we can be left feeling confined and powerless. Success is there, but we feel disconnected from it as our minds become our own worst enemy. Often, where we are and why we feel as we do are issues of our own making.

Decisions are feared, and personal problems are exaggerated in the mind, turning thoughts into monsters and leaving us helpless to make any changes. We feel inadequate and lacking.

So, you’re stuck! Set in place, stuck in a rut, unable to leave your thoughts and fears, which become your jailors. You dearly wish for change, but it just will not come into sight, as you have a fear of change at the heart of your issues.

Are you blaming others, a situation, or a "thing" for why you’re caught up in a trap. Negative thoughts undermine your optimism and leave you feeling trapped as you tie your own mind in knots.

Reach out to another, as while you may not see a pathway, another will.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

I’m so grateful for the guidance and insightful feedback from Pam’s readings. She has truly helped me stay focused on my future. Her readings have been a roadway map for me!

E. C

Pam has such an amazing gift. She's accurate and was very much in tune with the situation I asked about. Thank you, Pam!

Tara T

Thank you Dear Pam, Thank you so much , the reading is correct and you have it right. Thank you Jan


Thank you a lot for this, I really appreciate it. I feel like now I can finally put things to bed in my head and focus on my little one and bringing her into the world. You’ve answered everything, and helped me finally move on to the next part of my life. Thank you again!Cherry x


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