Nine of Swords

The Fool's journey leads him now to the Nine of Swords and offers him worry with a side helping of worry! He is anxious and concerned about a situation. Yet the fear and worry will not be the result of what is arriving but worry of what is being felt, and that fear and concern will be projected onto the outcome of a situation. The Fool loses sleep, tossing and turning, focused on the many things that can go wrong.

Worry, worry, worry.

The weight of anxiety and the pain that we carry is felt; it presses down on us and causes distress. The past tortures our minds as we superimpose the past onto the present or the future as we churn over what has gone by.

Sleep can be affected; we can toss and turn, our minds churning as we try to make sense of old anxieties and traumas or annoyances, and so our minds refuse to rest, and we can be left feeling like there is no escape from an issue.

We can fear the future. Are you dreading an upcoming event? Or the future overall? Feeling fears of failure, loss, loneliness, and all manner of negative irrational thoughts as pessimism governs the show. Yet it is worth remembering that with this card, those fears will often be unfounded, even if right now your thoughts are running wild.

It may not feel like it, but things may not turn out as bad as you think.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Just got my first email reading from Pam. My family has been going through a lot and her guidance really resonated and helped put things in perspective. I would definitely get another reading from her in the future.

Linda R

Hi Pam. Many thanks for this. It really resonates with me. Blessings, Cath x


Thank you very much Pam for your awesome very thorough reading !!


Pam gave me a couple other readings 4 years ago and now I’m back, looking for advice on some personal matter. Pam clarified the situation well and gave me really good advice. I’ll be be back soon, life is giving us so much homework, that it’s difficult to keep up with everything, and a good insight on certain situations is always welcome.


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