Nine of Swords & her Astrological Bed Cover

Nine of Swords & her Astrological Bed Cover

Added at 12:45 on 09 May 2021

Have you ever wondered why the bedspread in the Nine of Swords was so decorative? If you have some decks of the Rider Waite Smith deck you can see that it is intermixed with red roses on a yellow background & astrological symbols.  

The roses with their yellow background show that the desperately unhappy lady here has a real desire for movement in her life, she does not wish to be stuck, in pain & feeling awful – but wants to grow, create & be grounded.

The signs of the Zodiac are representative of fate & destiny. The passage of time – both past & present. A mix of personalities, actions & beliefs – both hers & others. Her life as a whole, everything is woven into one. The covers show a need to ground, calm & make changes, with the weight of worry from all she can see, & overthink about. A sign of how torn she is, how focused on what can go wrong & all of the many issues & rabbit holes her mind can take her down, married with a desire to be free from the burden of anxiety, fear & worry.

Nine of Swords

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