The Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles

Added on 01 May 2021

The first card of the suit of Pentacles is not just a coin. Within it, most decks depict a pentacle, a five-pointed star within a circle. This is a symbol for Earth. The circle shows us our world, our place within the universe, our lives. The pentangle itself shows the human body, head and four limbs. So, to say this card is just about money is simplifying it. It shows our spiritual self as well as our physical self.

This card can show a literal gift, or a chance to make money, or get a new job, all those things that help us progress, or at least the chance of it being an Ace. It can also be a seed or a lucky penny, yet it is life. It represents all of who you are.

This card can offer us something new which not just gives our purses a boost, as it can often be nothing to do with that, it can show a chance to point ourselves in the right direction with our mental & physical lives in agreement which moves us forwards spiritually as well. In this, it can offer us a chance to bring real security into our lives, which can be felt on all & any level as we are gifted a chance to develop, create, form roots & get hands-on with something which we feel deep down is of value, not just to NOW, but with the future. 

We can plant a seed for growth within the neat garden, the gate showing us that right now we are safe, yet, to make more of this Pentacle we will need to go beyond them into the world.

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