The Hierophant/Pope & Religious Difficulties

The Hierophant/Pope & Religious Difficulties

Added on 14 April 2021

A lot of people can be put off by this card as its title & appearance due to its religious components. For those who have been brought up with an unhappy view of religion, this can be a bit of a hurdle, as well as those who simply feel at odds with such an imposing, rigid male influence arriving in their Tarot spreads.

At heart, The Hierophant is a teacher, a guru, a shaman, a person qualified ~ literally or by the teachings in life they have followed ~ to guide you in an issue.

This card can show someone wise, full of great insights, & whereas the High Priestess is the Spiritual Mother of the Tarot deck, The Hierophant is the Spiritual Father, so he shows the outer/conscious side of learning, rather than the inner/subconscious of the HP.

It can help, if you're stuck with the main energy implied by this card's title, to view it, as mentioned above, as a teacher. In this capacity he will be someone who will teach things in their true context, literally, from A - Z, he will teach you the rules, the way it has been done & should be done. He is not about using your intuition but learning the building blocks of what is at hand. Truly grasping the mechanics of an issue.

He can represent counsellors or advice-givers where you find yourself consciously looking at an issue.

He can also be a random piece of advice from some experienced & very much 'in the no'.

Of course, this card with its firm attachment to tradition & conventional ways of doing things can show unions, relationships of all kinds based on traditional roles or values.

If you find that his name or image gets in your way of understanding what he means, change the title you give him so that you can see past your own preconceptions.

The Hierophant

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