The Seven of Cups regarding conflict & tension.

The Seven of Cups regarding conflict & tension.

Added on 12 April 2021

If this card pops up when your struggling to deal with conflicts, & questioning how to deal with such tense issues in general it can show a need to keep your feet on the ground at such times.

The Seven of Cups can leave us with our head in the clouds, pondering what should have been said, what we will do next time etc & can lead to us going for the easy option when such times do arise to avoid expressing ourselves. Our minds can do overtime looking at all of the options we can take, or should have taken in the past & shows a need for a more overall overhaul of how you deal with situations which bring conflict.

Try things on for size, not to see what inflicts the best blow to your opponent, but which one gives you the most peace & which aims at closing a particular line of argument with another down for good.

With this card, once a choice has been made, it can be hard to reverse, so pick your weapon wisely.

Seven of Cups

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