Tarot & Negative Energies

Tarot & Negative Energies

Added at 15:15 on 20 October 2022

I often see posts and questions about if Tarot can leave you open to negative spirits, or the energy of another, and this is an issue if believed and perceived as a fact that can hold a student back from developing a relationship with the Tarot.

Tarot is a system, a subject which is deep and complex, which, in itself, is nothing more than symbolic imagery which speaks to our subconscious mind. It is a tool which can be used for psychic growth and psychic guidance. It is a fantastic tool for the Clairvoyant, yet it needs no mystical or spiritual component from the reader to be of value.

If you read Tarot from a psychic, clairvoyant angle then all you need to do is sort out your own personal issues, be relaxed and learn how to leave your own life to one side as you go into your reading or put your reading hat on.

As I also work with Spirit, I used to do many things before a reading to prepare, but it dwindled as I worked out that I am Spirit. I have a Higher Spiritual self in charge of my energies, and I see them as self-regulating. If I ask my guides to come and help someone or myself, or clear through my chakras, it makes no difference to my energies – but it does to me mentally, which, as with us all – relaxes us. You can read more about my preparation ritual in my book, Understanding Tarot.

Your intent is all you need to focus on. You have an army of Guides about you. Add that to your own Spiritual Self and you’re good to go.

Most of the issues a reader who works with energy finds are from within, from the self. Tiredness comes from focus and expectation, and yet tiredness can be blamed on being drained by another, or the energies of people or spirits around them when it stems from concentration. How ever relaxed you feel, you are homing in on something and that can tyre you. Negativity, when felt, comes from within, and where it's seemingly brought by another, it only affects the reader if they are triggered by it or allow it to place expectations upon them.

You can do many things to consciously be aware, such as meditation, working with your aura, chakras, etc. A simple call out to your Guides, and if religion plays a part, a prayer. This all helps you psychologically, as they are already there.

If others tell you that things will be this or that, scary, evil, etc., if you do not do this or that, try to ask them for a detailed explanation, as feeding into other people's fears can hold you back if you wish to develop your psychic abilities.

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