The Card at the Bottom of the Tarot Deck.

The Card at the Bottom of the Tarot Deck.

Added at 16:53 on 04 April 2023

Many readers who read the tarot card at the bottom of the deck once shuffling has been completed do so with the presumption that we all use one and that we know what it means to them. Which can confuse a lot of new tarot students. Yet, the use of the bottom card can have many meanings to those who do use it, and to know that means to ask them if they have not stated why. 

While I don’t myself, many readers do use this card, some because they are totally new to tarot and are told to, and for a few reasons, most do not question it, as we all tend to stick to what we are taught unless it does not work. 

There is nothing that this bottom card can be used for that cannot be found by giving that meaning a position in the spread. So, if you feel you should use one but do not wish to, pick what you may like it to represent, such as advice, and add that position to your tarot spread.

So, what are some uses the bottom card has?

  • The subconscious mind: what is not consciously known.
  • A hidden element.
  • A shadow aspect of the reading or person; for others. Parts of the self, be that thoughts, personality traits or emotions which the individual finds hard to accept. So, inner fears and worries.
  • Advice.
  • The foundation of the issue at hand.
  • A place to start the reading from.
  • A message from the Divine, however that is seen by the reader.
  • A summation or overall energy of the situation at hand.

.. and no doubt a few other things, and so if you use one, make sure you're aware of what role you wish to assign to it.

Do I have to use the bottom card?

Not at all.

If you're new and feel compelled to use the bottom tarot card, do so only if you want to.

But if you do, give it a try. Mix up what it will mean from the list below and any others that you find on your travels with any reading that you do and see if it gels with you. You may find it perfectly sums up the overall energy, what you feel deep down, offers a good place to start from, etc., or nothing at all—if you try, you will find out if it’s for you. Try everything.

If it isn’t, throw the topic out and don’t give it a second thought.

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