5 - The Hierophant

The Fool journeys to The Hierophant, and the spiritual father is now encountered along the pathway. The Fool knows that he needs to learn, and learn properly, those things he wishes to win at. The Hierophant offers him wise, sage counsel. He encourages him to do the right thing and employ tried-and-true methods. The Hierophant offers us honest advice; tradition is valued and pushes us towards sticking to rules as they are there for a reason. He provides a guide to learn from, as he offers his wisdom based on established ways of doing things that have stood the test of time. The Fool now understands more of what is expected of him.

When we come across The Hierophant, we find a time when we need to stick to the rules, and we can encounter uncertainty as we learn or evolve, at which point communication is called into action. The Hierophant is the conscious, and The High Priestess is the subconscious, so here we are not asked for the passive approach of The High Priestess but a "real life" one, as we need information and wisdom for what we are facing.

A lot of times, when he arrives for us, we can get lost in his religious attributes, and he can represent weddings and ceremonies that take place from a faith-based or traditional angle. If that is not relevant to you, then he asks that we be methodical in achieving our goals and go from A-Z.

What is hidden here are those things that we have not yet learned because we have not yet studied or grasped them. We face a very conservative way of doing things, where ethics play a role. We need to go find those things we are seeking; someone will hold that information, and they will be qualified to pass it on to you because they are experienced in how to deal with a situation properly. Here we can find that if the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Now is not the time to be original; stick to what is expected and proven to work. Do the study. Read the instructions. Listen to the teacher. 


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Thank you for the help in calming the spinning anxiety...

Melody D

Pam has been so helpful to me. She gives me grounded perspective on things when I get lost in too much emotion, and this alone has helped the situation I asked her about more than anything else. Thank you, Pam!

Tara T

Pam has given 2 readings now, one for my son & one for myself, if I said she was amazingly accurate it wouldn't be enough. It's the small things she told me that resonated most, things she really couldn't have known. Thank you Pam, 2024 doesn't seem so scary now.

Elizabeth Barbour

Reading Pam is an Amazing reader kind compassionate and honest. Absolutely spot on and always guides me and gives me faith pam has an amazing gift and her insight is second to none i would recommend 100 per cent.


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