4 - The Emperor

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A bit about The Emperor

The earthly father is next to be met. Here The Fool realises that maturity is needed, so are facts & logic. The Emperor is a masculine card of mind over emotions, a time for focusing on realities & taking direct action. The buck stops here, as The Emperor is the King of Kings, & the ultimate soldier. The Fool understands that honesty is called for & an attitude of force in the face of problems as strong leadership is needed. Here he has to roll up his sleeves for some real hard work, have no excuses, & discipline his mind to succeed.


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Hi Pam - a wonderful tarot reading, thank you! It does have some meaning for me, as this year holds many changes at work, and I need to have patience with what I want in the future. Looks like a good year ahead for me!

Leonie Wilson

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