3 - The Empress

The Fool journeys to The Empress and meets the earth mother, who teaches him about nurturing, growth, and pure, unconditional love. She gives life and is fertile, creative, and abundant. Growth is built upon sincerity and affection and tells us that listening to your heart is a wise thing when she appears. By following The Empress, The Fool finds on his journey that family, loved ones, and friends are valuable; they ground us, and he can sit and be nourished by his surroundings.

With The Empress we find love, unconditional sincere understanding and affection. We find compassion being present, needed, offered or wished for.

We find a time of soft, gentle comforts, emotional fulfilment and satisfaction can be found within relationships, especially within family and loving relationships. Things can feel very simple with this card, and with a need to create such a vibe, make things about love and simplify those things about you down to that denominating factor – if it is not unconditional, a reset may be needed.

We can wish to be The Empress at times, to be creative, fertile, motherly, and express love or alternately have a deep yearning need to be wrapped up in such feelings to heal and feel emotionally fed. The former can show us stepping up to the needs of our loved ones, the latter a need to go home, in what ever context that means to you. As the mother of the tarot deck, we can step into her protective element, with compassion, which we must also remember to extend to oursevels.

Some may find fertility and issue when this card arrives, a calling of the basic driving forces present within all of us, such as a need to be loved and procreation and for those looking at issues relating to pregnancy and children, here you have a positive card, a green light a time to flow toward what you wish.

Our emotions are not static right now, they move and change as love is expressed, and now is a time to listen to and follow our hearts.


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Thank you a lot for this, I really appreciate it. I feel like now I can finally put things to bed in my head and focus on my little one and bringing her into the world. You’ve answered everything, and helped me finally move on to the next part of my life. Thank you again!Cherry x


Thank you Pam I really appreciate your words x


(Understanding Tarot) This is the best book I have ever bought. I have gotten more deeper meanings, and the symbolism from your book. Readings are now flowing easily.

Robyn Grimshaw

Via Amazon UK.
Can't praise it enough!
Simply love it!
If you want to explore Tarot with someone who really cares, Pam Richards is your best choice.
Down to earth and thorough, Pam's book is the perfect go-to if you want to learn Tarot! She takes your hand and guides you into this life altering journey, showing you what Tarot really is, without arrogance or mystifications: a tool for growth.
If I could give it 100 stars I would!
RWS based, these 400+ pages are all you need to start your personal journey with the right foot.
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