3 - The Empress

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A bit about The Empress

Here The Fool meets with the earth mother, The Empress. She teaches about nurturing, growth & pure unconditional love. She gives life, is fertile, creative & abundant. Growth is built upon sincerity, affection & tells us that listening to your heart is a wise thing when she appears. By following The Empress, The Fool finds on his journey that family, loved ones & friends are valuable, they ground us & he can sit & be nourished by his surroundings.


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Landing on the doorstep of The High Priestess & The Empress


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I find Pam to be a particularly powerful and very special reader. She frames her readings with where your energy sits at the present moment before going into the details given by the guides and cards in the context of your question. Then she spectacularly wraps this all into crystal clear guidance.

She has many more gifts than those noted in her biography, not least the gift of placing ‘the whole of you’ front and centre of the reading with such loving kindness and compassion.

This is the second time in a year I’ve been to Pam. She was right the first time. She’ll be right this time. And, as before, I’ve come away feeling so much lighter somehow. Thank you, Pam, you are extraordinary. And you are a delight to deal with.


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