2 - The High Priestess

The Fool journeys to The High Priestess and finds some time to be in tune with his own intuition. Not all answers can be found through action, as he finds out via the Spiritual Mother. Looking within is called for with the High Priestess; she shows that our inner voice is of great value and needs to be heard. Instead of poking things with a stick, The Fool needs patience and to be passive. The Fool discovers his spiritual self, his potential that exists beyond the physical world, here. He needs to start looking beyond what is obvious in life to what is hidden and accept that he cannot know everything, as during some stages of our lives we need to wait for things to evolve in their own time, not in line with our impatience or needs.

We find ourselves with the mysterious High Priestess, quietly contemplating the mind and inner self, or needing to. We can find that what we seek is hidden; we may see and feel a glimpse of truth that is tantalizing and even frustratingly out of reach. We can find that while we wish to know those things we seek, we are not ready for them or that now is not the right time to know them, however much we may demand them. We can deeply feel that we should have insights into what is on our minds, yet those insights, those truths, are illusive and hide from us, as right now we are not as prepared to know as we may feel we are or could understand completely at this moment in time.

Here we find that we cannot force a damn thing; we must wait, be passive, and allow situations and events to develop at their own speed. Our egos will not win a war at this time, as here we are stuck with The High Priestess between the subconscious and conscious mind, and the two will only give us what we seek or can feel brewing when the time is right.

She finds us often at a time when we feel the potential for growth, and at times we may not be expecting her arrival as she quietly flows into our minds and lives. The High Priestess is our spiritual mother, our own spiritual selves, and our inner guide. She shows that your own psychic and spiritual natures should be listened to—that very first, often quiet voice that we hear and often push aside for those things we wish to hear. She can say to meditate or even find a tool such as a deck of tarot cards to help you, but reach within, even if you just sit quietly with a cup of tea, or let go and see what comes, even if that takes days, weeks, or more. As our intuitive voice says, growth is occurring. You may not understand it or be able to fit the pieces together, or if you’re developed, you may be going through a new growth stage, but things are shifting, and like waiting for a cork in a bottle to pop, you will need to wait for clarity as no amount of forcing things will make answers come sooner. Even if you cannot see it, change is occurring behind the scenes.

You may see flashes of realisation. If so, take them and listen. 


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Landing on the doorstep of The High Priestess & The Empress

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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Dear Pam I have always enjoyed and found guidance and wisdom in your readings. Thank you!


Thank you for my reading which has allowed me to decide how I should proceed in a matter that has been very stressful, I feel reassured


Pam have read a couple times for me and always spot on. She gave very thorough and insightful guide to help with the situation. She is also very kind and leaves positive vibes.


Thank you Pam Over the last 10 years I have been in this battle and felt like there’s no way out. After getting my reading with Pam, I feel like I have hope and more faith in myself. And I know my battle will be over soon. Thanks for all of your help Pam. Until next time. XOXO


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