Landing on the Doorstep of The High Priestess & The Empress

Landing on the Doorstep of The High Priestess & The Empress

Added on 19 March 2021

The High Priestess & The Empress can be hard for some to determine the difference between. 

They are both "mother" cards & very strong female energies, which is why they get confused. The Empress is the earth mother, while the High Priestess is a spiritual mother figure. This is a quick look at some of the differences. 

Sexual Energy: Their sexual energy is quite different.

The Empress is motherhood, sensuality & pleasure based, so sexual energy with this card is based on love. The High Priestess represents someone in charge of spiritual secrets & is represented as virginial & linked to the subconscious. I have often seen the High Priestess seen as 'the other woman', yet there is no sexual element to this card 

Numerology: The High Priestess is a two, which is a number for duality, balance & potential. The Empress has three, which are for creation, fulfilment & emotional growth in action.

Colouring: The High Priestess is dressed in blue & white, colours that are cold, yet show her hidden potential as well as her spiritual devotion. Her surroundings are all stone, apart from the veil, so her card lacks the warmth of The Empress, who has warm colours such as red, orange, and pink.

If you were to knock at the Empress's door late at night, she would invite you in, make you dinner & make the bed for you with her softest pillows. She will mother you, discussing in detail any problems you may bring with you. The High Priestess would, if you were lucky, make you a small cup of coffee or keep you on the doorstep & give you a few words to help you find your way forward & say goodnight. Both would help, but in very different ways. One would wish to cuddle you & tell you it will be fine; the other would wish to show you how to deal with it yourself.

The Empress deals with the heart & sentiment, creation & the desire to build & grow. The High Priestess deals with your intuitive self, your inner need to find answers & links to your own mind & spiritual self.

They are very different ladies in every way. 

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