Psychic Vampires

Psychic Vampires

Added on 17 March 2021

It is a long time since I have heard the phrase Psychic Vampire, & I was asked what I thought about them recently. My first response is I do not believe in them, not in the sense of someone going out of their way to drain another of energy.

We have all met someone who drains us, makes us feel depleted. Yet this ability to drain does not often lie on a purely energy level. When we meet up with those who are depressed, down, angry, frustrated etc., if we are not mentally prepared or our energy system isn’t up to scratch due to our own issues, the person can subconsciously get under your skin.

It is felt or commonly believed, that once a Psychic Vampire has linked into you - your energy is sucked out. Yet, without your permission, no energy exchange can take place, & the energy is exchanged first at a subconscious level. Your belief about the person, their issue, their relationship to you, your expectations, your fears & misunderstanding will be where the keys to another person making you feel drained will lay. They rarely lay with the other, even if they go out of their way to make you miserable. It is the self that decides to give of itself. Maybe looking to why you wish to please, or not upset this other person is a question to be asked?

What happens at a subconscious level filters out to the energy levels or bodies. Where the subconscious has a fault, you will often find a corresponding one within the subtle energy centre (your aura & chakras). So, you bump into that dreaded neighbour down the road or family member, you either feel at odds before they start to talk, or they say something which triggers your own problem deep within, & you start to wish you could be anywhere but where you are. Or you try to help someone & you leave tired, yet you opened the door to another's issues & have drained yourself with your own hopes, opinions, or expectations. Look to what your underlying reasons why if you left drawn of energy.

No real harm can be done by psychic vampires, as by nature we are our own vampires, handing our energy away via our own actions, thoughts & words.

A way of dealing with this, when you know in advance that you are meeting, either face to face, text, phone, or letter etc. with someone who leaves you tired can be met in many ways. Firstly, deal with your own emotions concerning the person or the issue, understand that you & only you control how you feel. Spiritually you can help your mind & subtle energy's by sending loving energy ahead of you - rest, ask spirit for a colour, symbol etc.. this boost's your own energies with love & offers the mind a positive expectation. You can also work on your own energy system via a chakra meditation which can show you where your own weak areas lie. Or you can visualise a large gold disc in front of your Solar Plexus where your sense of personal power lies. Anything which gives you confidence, & boosts your sense of self. 

Give it a go :)

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