The Six of Cups - The Guard

The Six of Cups - The Guard

Added on 19 March 2021

The Six of Cups is a card of nostalgia, happy memories & shared times with those we love, or have loved. We revisit this card with a sense of warmth, happiness, & above all we are taken back to a time in our live when we felt safe. It is this feeling of safety which makes memories so warm.

In the background you see a guard walking the grounds of a large stately home. His presence here brings security, safety & a time when we could relax as others had our backs. A time when we could laugh, not worry & generally just live in the moment with the security that we would not be harmed, challenged, or deal with the mundane of today.

Half cut off & in the background, he shows a trust that does not have to be discussed, an expected care, love & respect which does not have to be asked for.

His protection gives a carefree element to the card, a time to simply relax & be a part of something which is a part of your history or background, to mentally time travel or literally revisit a time when we were free from the issues of the present, transported to a time of innocence or pure happiness.


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