Six of Cups

The Fool journeys not to the Six of Cups and takes a trip down memory lane, as he wistfully thinks of the past. His past brings him healing, answers, and helps him move forward. Memories bring a time for The Fool to connect to the past, giving him a spring in his step. The Fool bumps into old friends, even old flames, and time travels back to carefree days, giving him food for thought and reviving old dreams as talk of days gone by.

We find here that the past is very much in our present. Our minds take us back to times gone by, often with the rosy glow that sweet memories bring with them—memories like snapshots in time that lure us back like a warm blanket on a cold rainy day.

Memories can be stirred up by hearing from or about people and events from the past, or by something you smell, taste, or hear.

The past resurfaces, often with feelings of warmth and familiarity, seemingly out of nowhere, leaving waves of nostalgia that make you smile and long for times gone by.

If you find yourself thinking of the past or of those within it and they have not appeared, why not reach out to them? Talk of the past, relish it, share it, and enjoy the warmth it can bring you.

In some cases, the past will influence you and can be very enjoyable as old bonds are reunited or enjoyed.

Get the photo albums out, go to the school reunion, listen to those songs from your youth, and call up that old friend. Relive the past.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Pam just had the flowiest words. Every paragraph of the reading was very understandable and I can say very accurate.
Thank You Pam!


My question to Pam was very vague but she described my situation without me even telling her and very descriptive! I got this reading 3 days ago and keep going back and rereading it and getting more out of it! I would highly recommend her! I know I will be back when I need to understand things more about me and my situations. Thanks Pam!


Hi pam so much for your reading I have applied for a job in a similar roll and looking to move hopefully soon I have been promised a interview but the company is going through internal changes thank you so much life is full of changes both personally and professionally so I really appreciate the encouragement xx

Wendy D

Thanks Pam Thanks Pam, for your email, reading it was a roller-coaster of emotions, laughing crying, the whole pack. ?? Thanks again Pam always uplifting to have a reading from you:-) Happy weekend ?


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